Dear Sophie: Which immigration options allow me to launch my own startup?

I’m appreciative that I made it through the H-1B lottery, but I’m stuck in a rut. I really want to start something of my own. Are there any immigration options that would allow me to do that?

Dear Sophie: Should we sponsor international hires for H-1B transfers and green cards? 

"My startup is desperately recruiting, and we see a lot of engineering candidates on H-1Bs. They’re looking for H-1B transfers and green cards. What should we do?"

Dear Sophie: Should we look to Canada to retain international talent?

"Many have employees on OPT or STEM OPT who didn’t get selected in this year's H-1B lottery. Should we look to Canada?"

Dear Sophie: Tell me more about the EB-1A extraordinary ability green card

I’m a postdoc engineer who started STEM OPT after failing to get selected in the H-1B lottery. A colleague suggested I apply for an EB-1A green card, but I have not won any major awards. Tell me mor

Dear Sophie: What’s the process for getting International Entrepreneur Parole?

I co-founded a startup and have an O-1A visa. My wife wants to return to work, but she cannot get authorization on an O-3. If I switch to International Entrepreneur Parole, can she get a work permit?

3 guiding principles for CEOs who post on Twitter

Posting the wrong things at the wrong time is embarrassing, but it can also be a breach of fiduciary duties and may even run afoul of securities laws.

Dear Sophie: How can I bring my parents and sister to the US?

U.S. citizens who are at least 21 years and can sponsor a broader list of family members for green cards: parents, spouses, children and stepchildren, and brothers and sisters.

Dear Sophie: What options would allow me to start something on my own?

I’ve been working on an H-1B in the U.S. for nearly two years, but I’m unhappy with my job. I want to start something of my own in the U.S. Are there any immigration options that would let me do t

Dear Sophie: Is it possible to expand our startup in the US?

I launched a startup in Iran, and I’m happy to say it’s thriving. I'd like to expand in California. Now that Biden has eliminated the Muslim ban, is it possible? Is the pandemic still a problem?

Dear Sophie: What is a diversity green card and how do I apply for one?

I'd love to get a green card and expand my tech company in the U.S. Someone mentioned that I should apply for a diversity green card. Would you provide me with more details about it and how to apply?

Dear Sophie: How does International Entrepreneur Parole work for startup founder immigration?

I’ve been hearing a lot about International Entrepreneur Parole lately. How does parole work and how long does it take?

Dear Sophie: Any unique immigration strategies for quick hiring?

I do recruitment for tech startups. With a surge of VC investing, many startups are urgently hiring. Which visas offer the quickest options for international talent?

Dear Sophie: What’s happening with visa application receipt notices?

Our startup has several employees on work visas or employment authorization. Many have been waiting for quite a while for the government to tell them their applications have been received. Why?

Dear Sophie: Does it make sense to sponsor immigrant talent to work remotely?

My startup is considering individuals who live outside the U.S. for a few positions we are looking to fill. Does it make sense to sponsor them for a visa to work remotely from somewhere in the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: How does the International Entrepreneur Parole program work?

I’m the founder of an early-stage fintech startup. We really want to move to San Francisco to be near our lead investor. Can we use International Entrepreneur Parole? How does it work?

Dear Sophie: Can I transfer my H-1B to a startup I founded?

I’d like to establish my own company while maintaining my current, secure job. Can I keep working on the H-1B, found my own company, and then have my startup sponsor me for an H-1B or another visa?

Dear Sophie: What’s the latest on DACA?

My company is looking to hire a very talented data infrastructure engineer who is undocumented. She has never applied for DACA before. What is the latest on DACA? What can we do to support her?

Dear Sophie: How can I get my startup off the ground and visit the US?

I’m an entrepreneur who created my first startup a few months ago. Once it gets off the ground, I’d like to visit the U.S. to test the market and meet with investors. Which visas would let me do t

Dear Sophie: How can I get an H-1B without the lottery?

For the past few years, our company has put very promising candidates into the annual H-1B lottery. None of them have been selected. Are there any other ways we can obtain H-1Bs for our team members?

Dear Sophie: Help! My H-1B wasn’t chosen!

My startup registered two H-1B candidates in this year’s lottery. Sadly, neither was selected. Help! We can’t afford for them to have to leave the U.S. What are our options?
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