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European consumer groups band together to fight Meta’s self-serving ad-free sub — branding it ‘unfair’ and ‘illegal’

Days after a privacy complaint was lodged against Meta in the European Union over its latest controversial shift of legal basis claimed for processing people’s data for ads, consumer groups acr

Apple and Google avoid naming ChatGPT as their ‘app of the year,’ picking AllTrails and Imprint instead

Both Apple and Google today announced their best apps and games of the year, with the hiking and biking companion AllTrails winning as Apple’s iPhone App of the Year in 2023, while the education

Data transformation startup Prophecy lands $35M investment

Prophecy, a low-code development platform for companies to transform their data, today announced that it raised $35 million in a Series B funding round led by Insight Partners and SignalFire, with par

Gmail to enforce harsher rules in 2024 to keep spam from users’ inboxes

Google today is announcing a series of significant changes to how it handles email from bulk senders in an effort to cut down on spam and other unwanted emails. The company says that starting next yea

Don’t sweat the valuation headlines, ByteDance is doing great

Does TikTok owner ByteDance's valuation cut mean that it is a struggling business? Not in the slightest.

Greylock secures $1B for its 17th fund amid launch of early-stage founders program

Greylock 17 will target pre-seed, seed and Series A founders in the areas of enterprise and consumer software.

PlanetScale forks MySQL to add vector support

It seems like everyone in the database business is thinking about how to capitalize on the growth of AI by adding support for vectors to their products. That, after all, remains to be the easiest way

The EU is about to adopt a dangerous law with international consequences

Media freedom must be able to operate outside the confines of political interference to give users more information, not less.

Osmoses gets $11M seed to bring its molecule-scale membranes to the hydrogen market

Today, membrane gas separation represents a relatively small part of the market. But with calls to decarbonize heavy industry, that could change.

SBF’s trial has started, this is how he and FTX got here

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried's trial begins Tuesday. Here's what you need to know.

Qobra raises $10.5 million for its real-time sales compensation tool

French startup Qobra has raised a $10.5 million Series A funding round (€10 million) led by Singular with Revenue Syndicate and existing investor Breega also participating. Qobra helps businesses ma

FBI most-wanted Russian hacker reveals why he burned his passport

Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known on the internet as “Wazawaka” and “Boriselcin,” is wanted by the FBI, which is offering a $10 million reward for information that could lead to his a

Motel One says ransomware gang stole customer credit card data

Motel One, one of Europe’s largest hotel chains, has confirmed it was the target of a ransomware attack that saw hackers access customer data. Motel One is a low-budget German hotel chain that opera

LinkedIn goes big on new AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing and sales, powered by OpenAI

LinkedIn — the Microsoft-owned social platform for those networking for work or recruitment — is now 21 years old, an aeon in the world of technology. To stay current with what the working

Dry Studio’s Black Diamond 75 is a gaming keyboard that actually looks good

Whenever I reviewed an Angry Miao keyboard in the past, I always wondered what the company would be able to do if it brought its engineering and design chops to a more affordable segment. The typical

DoorDash tests a feature that rewards users for dining out, not ordering in

DoorDash has made a name for itself as a restaurant delivery service that has in later years expanded to categories like groceries and convenience store items. But the company is now running a test of

Adapting to a world with higher interest rates — a guide for startups

Make customers want what you have to sell. Once you get the formula right, you can worry about capital efficiency.
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