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Deepset secures $30M to expand its LLM-focused MLOps offerings

Deepset, a platform for building enterprise apps powered by large language models akin to ChatGPT, today announced that it raised $30 million in a funding round led by Balderton Capital with participa

Inworld, a generative AI platform for creating NPCs, lands fresh investment

For a recovering gamer like me, one of the most exciting applications of generative AI is dynamic dialogue. I’m not suggesting AI replace writers — goodness forbid. But as anyone who&#8217

Reflex open source tool helps turn Python code into web apps

Python enjoys great popularity with developers, which is why the founders of Reflex chose it as the basis for their low-code web app development platform. The startup, formerly known as Pynecone, want

US, Norway say hackers have been exploiting Ivanti zero-day since April

Hackers exploited a zero-day flaw in Ivanti’s mobile endpoint management software undetected for at least three months, U.S. and Norwegian cybersecurity agencies have warned. It was confirmed last w

Cohart’s art marketplace makes buying and selling accessible for any kind of art lover

The platform offers tools and infrastructure so that visual artists can be discovered and sell their art.

Orangewood wants to build a cheap, programmable robotic arm for manufacturing

In late 2017, three entrepreneurs — Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia and Akash Bansal — came to the mutual realization that the final steps of building furniture — specifically painting an

Meta open sources models for generating sounds and music

The day’s fast approaching when generative AI won’t only write and create images in a convincingly human-like style, but compose music and sounds that pass for a professional’s work,

Hopin, the struggling virtual conference unicorn, sells events and engagement units to RingCentral

Hopin, the virtual events startup that saw its star (and valuation) rise quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic, is most definitely coming down to earth. Today the company announced that it has sold its

Google pulls its AI Test Kitchen app from Play Store and App Store

Google has pulled its AI Test Kitchen app from the Play Store and the App Store to focus solely on the web platform. The company launched the AI Test Kitchen experience last year to let users interact

Lightup wants to shine a light on data quality with $9M Series A

We all know how important data quality is. That’s where the timeless phrase, garbage in/garbage out came from. As the pace of data creation accelerates, and it gets used in a variety of ways across

Kenya suspends Worldcoin scans over security, privacy and financial concerns

Kenya was one of the first countries where Worldcoin — the controversial startup that aims to create a new “human identity and financial network” through eye scans and its own crypto

Foxconn to invest $600M in Karnataka for iPhone components, chip-making tools projects

Foxconn, a key Apple supplier, will invest $600 million in two projects in Karnataka for chip-equipment manufacturing and casing components for iPhones, the southern Indian state said Wednesday. The T

Elon Musk-owned X renames TweetDeck to XPro

Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, has renamed TweetDeck to XPro in an ongoing rebranding exercise of the social media service. The company has adopted the @Pro handle instead of @TweetDeck for the

Flipkart-backed Shadowfax nears $60 million funding led by TPG NewQuest

Indian logistics startup Shadowfax is finalizing a funding round of about $60 million, more than a year after it began the funding deliberations, two sources familiar with the matter said. TPG’s

X, formerly Twitter, now lets paid users hide their checkmarks

Social media company X, formerly Twitter, now lets paid users hide their verification checkmarks. The Elon Musk-owned company introduced paid verification last year with the Twitter Blue relaunch. The

As spend management space heats up, Brex and Rho turn to AI startups to help power new products

The competition in the spend management space continues to intensify. Brex and Rho today each announced AI-powered/enabled accounts payables offerings. Their announcements coincidentally came out the

This California agency wants to know what happens to all that connected car data

The troves of data collected by today’s modern connected cars has long been viewed as a cash cow — a yet untapped opportunity that could boost profits for automakers. Now one California agency wan

Why the all-electric Volvo EX30 is such a big deal

Almost a decade ago, Volvo drove into the modern era by going big. Literally. The second-generation XC90 crossover that launched in 2015 helped reset a brand associated with boxy station wagons by off

Not all early-stage AI startups are created equal

As many entrepreneurs jump on the AI bandwagon, investors are being choosey about which kinds of companies they back.

Tinder to launch a ‘high-end’ membership this fall amid product refresh

Tinder is preparing to launch a new “high-end” membership later this fall as well as a product refresh aimed at better catering to Gen Z users, according to parent company Match Group, as
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