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Israel’s OurCrowd expands to Abu Dhabi

Crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, which has now become Israel’s most active venture firm, today announced that it is expanding its operations in Abu Dhabi by launching a new office and AI tech hub

How to turn user data into your next pitch deck

If you’re a founder of a new SaaS, fintech, marketplace, or consumer subscription product, here’s what you should be showing investors at the early stages of your journey.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 is all about Azure

Microsoft today released SQL Server 2022, the latest version of its database software, which originally launched more than 33 years ago. Microsoft describes this release as the “most Azure-enabl

New code suggests Twitter is reviving its work on encrypted DMs

Under Elon Musk, Twitter may be reviving a project that would bring end-to-end encryption to its Direct Messaging system. Work appears to have resumed on the feature in the latest version of the Andro

Microsoft and Nvidia team up to build new Azure-hosted AI supercomputer

Roughly two years ago, Microsoft announced a partnership with OpenAI, the AI lab with which it has a close commercial relationship, to build what the tech giant called an “AI Supercomputer&#8221

Elon Musk, disaster artist

We’re at the point in the Elon Musk/Twitter debacle where the fact that it’s a shit show is our new normal, and anything that resembles a normal functioning tech company or leadership is m

I volunteer as tribute!

I cannot wait to sign up for Hardcore Twitter (not included in Twitter Blue!) so that I can break my spirit so that a billionaire who made a business whoopsie can save face.

Microsoft Teams now lets you challenge colleagues to a game of Minesweeper or Solitaire

With remote or hybrid work going nowhere any time soon, Microsoft today announced new social gaming functionality inside its Teams productivity and collaboration platform. Available to Teams Enterpris

Linktree intros Payment Lock, paywalls for individual pieces of music, playlists, videos, newsletters, meeting slots and more

Looking for more ways to grow its revenue, Linktree knows the way to creators’ hearts and wallets: by building more tools to help them make money. Today the “link in bio” startup, wh

Musk poses workers with a choice: quit Twitter, or prepare to get “hardcore”

Times are changing at Twitter. In about two weeks under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter has fired over 3,700 people, and a slew of high-ranking execs have resigned. But the company’s pers

Akeyless secures a cash infusion to help companies manage their passwords, certificates and keys

Back in 2018, Refael Angel, a former security software engineer at Intuit, had an idea for a new approach to protect encryption keys — the random string of bits created to scramble and unscrambl

Meet the startups competing at TC Sessions: Crypto

We’re thrilled to announce the three early-stage startups that will take the stage and go head-to-head in the pitch competition at TC Sessions: Crypto — this Thursday, November 17, in Miami. There

Amazon begins layoffs as economic woes mount

This week, Amazon began the process of cutting jobs across the company. Managers have begun informing employees that they have two months to find another role inside the company or accept severance, a

‘Hybrid meat’? Meatable wants to get lab-grown meat to market faster by combining with plant-based proteins

Alternative meat, seafood, and dairy products are all the rage in startup land, with countless companies raising bucketloads of cash and showcasing their first products throughout 2022. There are two

Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, raises $200 million to scale Ethereum

Matter Labs has raised a $200 million Series C funding round co-led by Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly. Matter Labs is better known for its work on zkSync, an Ethereum scaling solution that drastical

Hinge’s new feature makes it easier for those seeking non-monogamous relationships

Today, Hinge rolled out a feature that allows users to add their “Relationship Type” to their profile, whether that be “monogamous,” “non-monogamous,” or “figuring ou

Backbone launches an Android version of its mobile gaming controller

We tend to write fondly about Backbone’s mobile gaming controller around these parts, but the recommendation has always come with one asterisk: to date, it’s really been meant mostly for i

Yubo expands its real-time audio moderation technology to the U.K., Australia and Canada

Yubo, a social livestreaming app popular with a Gen Z audience, announced today it’s expanding its audio moderation technology to the U.K., Australia and Canada. The Paris-based company first la

SigmaOS raises $4 million to build a browser for productivity nerds

There is no doubt that Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox attract the majority of browser users. But despite this dominance, smaller browser companies are trying to carve a niche, and even get users to

Waabi unveils its first generation self-driving truck

Autonomous trucking startup Waabi has unveiled its first generation of trucks that are purpose-built for OEM integration. The trucks are powered by the Waabi Driver, a combination of Waabi’s sof
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