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Honey, I shrunk the revenue multiple

It's worth remembering that the difference between an actual software company and a company that offers a service via software is often massive and tough to overcome.

Read the room

Let's look into cybersecurity sales, developer content marketing, and fundraising pitches through a common lens: The importance of understanding your audience and putting it first.

Despite regulatory concerns, the US is far from losing its venture crown

We can learn quite a lot from venture capital investments themselves.

Amid the AI hype, don’t forget about no-code

Softr's quick revenue expansion is a good reminder that there's more to keep an eye on than just AI.

Late-stage startups are getting the hang of spending less

It turns out that when you compare later-stage startup spending cuts with their earlier peers, the bigger startups are doing a better job.

Tech investors’ obsession over profit is already waning

New data indicates that venture investors are on their way back to preferring growth over profitability at startups.

Enterprise companies and generative AI: Just looking?

A look at what generative AI means for enterprise buyers; as well as some notes on why your company may want to be like Figma, and how the investing side of the market is adjusting to down rounds.

Computer or casino?

Perhaps crypto booms and busts are good for web3 over a long enough time horizon.

Turns out most unicorns today are more myth than reality

Most unicorns never were what they were purported to be. Instead, a lot of startups were granted big budgets to LARP as unicorns.

The venture market may be correcting more than we think to pre-COVID times

Ever since the tech downturn began affecting startups, a question kept coming up: What if we are witnessing a correction?

Hey look, unicorns are rare again!

Investors are no longer minting nearly two unicorns per day. In fact, we're down to barely more than one new mythical horned horse per week.

Have startup valuations fallen enough to feel sane again?

Let's find out the current premium venture investors are paying for startup shares, and see if we can find anything new compared to 2022 data.

Selling insurance is hard, but that’s not bad news for insurtechs

How is the economy affecting insurance purchase decisions? Will this make B2B companies more appealing to VCs than their B2C peers?

What if Scandinavian startups don’t need Y Combinator?

If you add up the fact that rival accelerators 500 Startups and Techstars have given up on their Stockholm programs, a pattern starts to emerge.

3 takeaways from Substack’s newly released financial results

Let's dig into Substack's growth model, ponder over its financial health and compare its upcoming capital raise to its potential cash needs.

Without the Stripe and OpenAI deals, global VC results would have been even worse in Q1 2023

The numbers aren't great, sure, but they're also not quite as bad as we feared heading into 2023 last year.

As YC launches new batch, here’s how the early-stage venture market is faring today

Let’s talk median fundraising round sizes and deal values for seed through Series C in the first quarter of 2023.

What’s a fair price premium for startup shares?

What is a fair price premium for a startup? Per recent history, it's probably not more than 200% over public-market comps. It may even be closer to 100%.

Venture interest in Chinese companies remains muted after slow 2022

The picture is one of a country that's seeing markedly smaller VC investments that are taking longer than has been the case for a few years.

There’s trouble in Startup Nation

For Israeli entrepreneurs, the prospect of rising pressure on the country's credit rating made banking diversification a more pressing issue.
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