Libretto W100: Toshiba shows double touchscreen tablet (video)

<img src="" /> What's better than a tablet with one touchscreen? A tablet with two touchscreens. That's at least

Acer Aspire One line now comes in AMD and Intel flavors

<img src="" />Not that it makes that much difference when you're limiting your tasks to email, browsing, and flash games

This Sony Vaio P takes the style to another level

<img src="">Maybe the standard <a href="">Sony Vaio P</a> is a bit pedestrian for your taste. It'

Report: Laptop sales are rocking fueled by netbooks sales

<img src="">People might not be buying houses and cars at the pre-recession levels, but laptops are flying off the shelves led by <a hr

HP Taiwan VP confirms webOS plans, indicates the Slate is on track for 2010 launch

Well this is good to know. An HP Taiwan VP apperently let it slip that HP is working on mobile devices powered by webOS. It’s a shocker, I know. You would think that after HP spent over a billio

Verizon adds the HP Mini 210-1076 to its netbook stable

<img src="">Verizon's latest netbook nearly completes its collection. The 10.1-inch HP Mini 210 offers the N450 1.66GHz Atom CPU alo

Acer to debut Chrome OS devices at Computex?

<img src="" />Acer has said for a while now that they would be the <a href="

HDMI coming to more netbooks in 2011

<img src="">HDMI can be found on a few netbooks right now, but it's set to become standard next year when Intel's Cedar Trail-M platform hi

8-inch screen, accelerometer: Sony takes the wraps off its updated Vaio P

<img src="" /> Sony Europe today <a href="">u

Sony Japan teases "VAIO New Ultra Mobile"

<img src="" /> Remember Sony Japan's unusual <a href="

Asus Eee Keyboard: It's a keyboard–no, it's a netbook.

Fancy keyboard is fancy.

Review: Acer Aspire 5538 laptop

Short version: if you don’t want to spend more than $600 and you must have a 15″ screen, the 5538 is a perfectly decent option, as long as you don’t mind netbook-like performance.

HP and Dell say the 10-inch netbook market is getting too crowded

<img src="">Despite the boom in <a href="">netbooks</a> in recent years thanks to a

Yes, Asus, bring back the matte screen love!

The new 1001PX from Asus isn’t particularly noteworthy spec-wise. 250GB hard drive, 1.66GHz Atom processor… you know the drill. But it’s got a matte screen! I really don’t unde

Review: Viliv S10 Blade convertible netbook

I hate it when a product like the Viliv S10 Blade looks so good as a concept but fails to live up to its potential. The S10 has a late-model Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a multitouch 10-inch screen. Shou

The Sony VAIO M N450 proves Sony finally understands netbooks

<img src="">Sony's first attempts at a netbook were disastrously bad, but <a href="">Sony <

Rilakkuma: Ultra-mobile, ultra-cute tablet PC

<img src="" /> <a href="">First a Ca

AMD working on actual netbook chipset, not due until next year

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">AMD</a> is finally looking to get into the netbook game for re

Asus Eee PC 1005PR: High-res 10.1-inch screen, 10+ hour battery

Entry level Sony VAIO M netbook coming

<img src="" alt="" />When Sony’s VAIO W <a href="
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