DIY remote car starter uses pre-paid phone, less than $75 worth of materials

A man named Dave has cobbled together a remote car starter that uses a pre-paid phone to start the car’s engine. The launch sequence is initiated when the phone gets a call or when a particular even

IBUYPOWER announces Chimera 2 to celebrate 10 years of bling

<img src="" />IBUYPOWER computers aren't exactly known for being subtle but it's worked for them for 10 years and they are still going stro

Modders hard at work circumventing Xbox banning

<img src="" />Were you one of the 1 million Xbox live users that got banned yesterday? Well, you might not want to go buy that new

Old $4 Sega PC turned into real computer

<img src="">Well how do you like that? An old Sega SC-3000H from 1983 has been given new life as a fancy keyboard PC. An enterprising mod

Motor your boat with a cordless drill

Two questions: first, do you have a boat? Second, do you have a cordless drill? If you answered “yes” to both questions, you may be interested in the above video, which showcases a cordless drill

Video: Some kid makes the PSP that Sony should have made 5 years ago

<img src="" />Sony would do well to hire the man who put this PSP mod together. It's basically what the PSP should have been since Day O

Use a guitar controller to play poker

<img src="">Bored? Lazy? Trendy? All of the above? You can turn a run-of-the-mill Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller into a weapon used

R2D2 features 8 consoles, projector

<img src="">And here we see one of the most useful implementations of an astromech droid to date. Modder Brian De Vitis gutted a

Ping pong cannon blasts through drywall and particle board

Protect your home or business from unwanted intruders with a pneumatic cannon that shoots water-filled ping pong balls capable of tearing holes through various materials. That, or shoot regular air-fi

Ancient cell phone modded into media center PC

<img src="" alt="phone" />Now THIS, my friends, is a mod. An enterprising Finnish fellow has gutted a super old Mobira Talkm

Ben Heck inches closer to finishing 'Bill Paxton Pinball' machine

<img src="" alt="Paxton" />When I interviewed modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn a couple of months ago, he mentioned that he'd been working

Portable TurboGrafx-16 for a little nostalgia on the go

Behold! A portable TurboGrafx-16 system. A modder named Bacteria (eewww) cobbled together a very nice-looking system called “IntoGrafx” featuring three-hour battery life and a 5.4-inch scr

Man hacks USB charging port into netbook battery

<img src="" alt="netbook battery" />Wow, this is impressive. An enterprising young man from a faraway land (the Czech Republic!) too

Ben Heckendorn finishes second version of C64 laptop, will be auctioned for charity

<img src="" alt="C64" />Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heckendorn has just finished version 2 of his Commodore 64 laptop. This one will be aucti

NES controller turned iPhone dock

<img src="" alt="dock" />Old NES controller, meet iPhone. An enterprising individual <a href="

DIY: Old-timey Apple thumb drive

<img src="" alt="pendrive" />If you're sick -- SICK! -- of all these new Apple fanatics and you want to show them all that you've been a di

Video: Potato gatling gun

A family that builds food-based weapons together stays together. Take the DeRose family — they issue themselves a “design challenge” every year around the holidays. This year’s

Ikea strainer turned into super Wi-Fi antenna

<img src="" alt="ikea" />An enterprising young man studying abroad in Russia has turned a run-of-the-mill strainer from Ikea into a Wi-Fi s

Netbook built into SNES, cartridge used as slot-loading DVD drive

<img src="" alt="Snespire" />Someone has FINALLY answered the age-old question: Is it possible to build an Acer Aspire One netbook into an

Man's arrest for Barrel Monster stunt exposes ridiculously high barrel pricing

<img src="" alt="Monster" />Have you ever driven down the highway when there's construction work going on and wondered who makes all the mon
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