iOS 10

Apple just dropped another iOS 10 public beta for you crazy testers

That didn’t take long. Just a day after releasing the <a target="_blank" href="">third iOS 1

Apple releases new betas for iOS, macOS, watchOS and yes, even tvOS

Dear developers, today is update day. Apple just released the third beta for the next major iteration of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS — that’s a lot of megabytes. The third developer betas squash

Apple just released the first iOS 10 beta to everyone

It's here. The first public beta of <a target="_blank" href="">iOS 10</a> is now <a target="_blank" href="">available to d

iOS 10 preview: Apple breaks down its walled garden

As our phones become our primary computing devices, major iOS updates affect the workflow and lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people. Even minor changes can have major implications. So let’s di

iOS 10 beta 2 is now available to developers

Apple just released <a target="_blank" href="">the second iteration</a> of its iOS 10 developer beta. This update is only available to iOS developers with a develo

Apple confirms iOS kernel code left unencrypted intentionally

When Apple released a preview version of iOS 10 at its annual developers conference last week, the company slipped in a surprise for security researchers — it left the core of its operating system,

Your iOS 10 notifications will be a lot more useful and relevant. And gifs!

At its Worldwide Developer Conference this week, Apple is releasing a bunch of updates to notifications and the way that developers are able to present them to the user in iOS 10. They’re about to g

Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car

Apple has yet to confirm rumors it's building a car but it is aiming to make drivers' lives a little easier thanks to a new feature coming to Apple Maps in iOS 10 which will help people remember where

Deleting Apple’s pre-installed apps in iOS 10 doesn’t actually ‘delete’ them

One of the most talked about features in Apple's upcoming iOS 10 is the ability to delete many of the apps that come pre-loaded on your iPhone or iPad. But it turns out that deleting the apps doesn't

iOS 10 beta finally lets you remove all those built-in apps

Raise your hand if you have a folder on your iPhone or iPad filled with all the built-in apps from Apple that you never use but can't delete. Oh, all of you? Then you'll be interested to learn that iO

Apple’s latest foray into the enterprise involves deeper integration with Cisco

Lost in the hubbub of today’s two hour-plus Apple WWDC keynote was an announcement of deep integration between Apple and Cisco in the upcoming release of iOS 10 — yes, you read it correctl

Apple announces iOS 10

What a surprise. Apple just unveiled iOS 10 at its <a href="">annual developer conference</a>. The tenth major iteration of the operating system for iPhones

Apple iOS 10 “Memories” turns old photos into editable mini-movies

Apple is taking on TimeHop, Facebook On This Day and Google Photos Assistant all at once with its new iOS 10 feature Memories that’s a tab inside Photos. Using local, on-device facial recogniti

Here are some great improvements that should be in iOS 10

Let’s be honest, most concept videos suck. They show you an imaginary device that looks nothing like the final product and defy the laws of physics. But some <i>software</i> concept videos tick all