Project Glass Is The Future Of Google

Over the last few years one could easily say that Google had lost their way. They were no longer known for search. Somehow they'd turned into a company that acquired a series of nonsensical entities,

Google’s First Foray Into Hardware Is All About The Ecosystem

It's Day One of Google I/O, and the company set out to prove that it's not just about software and algorithms and whatnot, introducing a neat set of hardware devices that are available -- or will be s

Welcome To The Google Glass Freak Show

In the land of tech, we bloggers rarely if ever have to step in front of the camera. But now that Google has launched Google Glass into the world, the camera has turned on us in a fit of rage. Welcome

Google’s New 3D Imagery Comes to Google Earth For Android, iOS Coming Soon

A few weeks ago, Google hosted a last-minute press conference in San Francisco to <a href="">announce</a> its new, hig

Google’s Play Store Now Lets Users Remotely Update And Uninstall Android Apps

All Googled out yet? I can't blame you if you are, but it seems that the company has been even busier than their two hour press conference let on. In addition to pushing the Android version of the

OrangeScape Launches Kissflow, A Workflow-Builder For Google Apps

Businesses using Google Apps should have an easier time managing complex tasks starting today with the launch of <a target="_blank" href="">Kissflow</a> from startup <a target="

Hands-On With The Google Nexus 7

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Built specifically for Google Play consumption, <a href="">the Nexus 7 tablet</a> built by Asus seems

Google’s Chrome For Android Comes Out Of Beta

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that its Chrome for Android browser is now out of beta and <a t

These Are The Top Five Features Of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Today Google announced the latest version of its mobile operating system: <a href="">Android 4.1 Jelly Bean</a>. It's an incrementa

Google Glass Explorer Edition Available For Pre-Order At Google I/O, $1,500 And Shipping Next Year

Google Glass is real and will soon be shipping. Sergey Brin just took the stage at Google I/O, <a href="">won the Internet

Google Wins The Internet With A Live Skydiving Demo Of Google Glass (Now With Video!)

Well, that was unexpected. Google's Sergey Brin just stepped on stage at Moscone West to deliver a demo of Google Glass, and it involves a Google+ hangout conducted via their connected eyewear. Oh, an

Google+ Now Has A Tablet Version, Events, 250M Users, 75M Daily, More Mobile Than Desktop

Today at <a target="_blank" href="">Google I/O</a>, Google announced it has 250 million total users, 150 million monthly users, and 75 million daily users, with

Google Adds Movie Purchases, TV Shows, And Magazines To Google Play

The Google Play store already had thousands of movies for rent, as well as millions of songs from major labels available for purchase. It also had a pretty extensive collection of e-books -- the large

Google Now: Contextual Results With Real-Time Reminders And Data

Android users are about to get access to real-time notifications and data through a cool-looking new feature called Google Now. It's one of <a href="

Google Play: 600K Apps, 1.5B Installs Per Month, 20B Total, Now With Byte-Sized Smart App Updates

Today at <a target="_blank" href="">Google I/O</a>, Google <a href="">announced</a>

Live Blog: Google I/O Keynote (Day One)

Google is kicking off its annual <a target="_blank" href="">Google I/O developer conference</a> in San Francisco with its traditional keynote. Even though I/O i

Google Nexus 7 Fully Revealed: Tegra 3, 7-Inch IPS Display, $199 For 8GB, $249 For 16GB

And like that, Google is officially in the tablet hardware business. Google is mere minutes away from kicking off its yearly I/O conference and perhaps the biggest news of the show, the announcement o

Google To Take On Sonos With Its First Android@Home Product, The Nexus Q

Google is getting into the hardware game, and not just with its purchase of handset and set-top box maker Motorola. The company is announcing today the launch of its first Android@Home product, <a ta

Here’s The First Pic Of The Nexus 7, Google’s Answer To The Kindle Fire And The iPad

Hello, bezel. Google is set to kick off its yearly developer's conference in less than 30 minutes. Big things are expected including the announcement of Google's long-rumored Nexus tablet. Well, he