Instagram is updating its web interface to take advantage of large screens

If you have used Instagram on your desktop system, you know that it looks like a badly made copy of its mobile website. The company is now introducing a refreshed design that takes advantage of large

Instagram rolls out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts

Instagram is rolling out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts in its app, the company has announced. The new tool allows businesses and creators to schedule their posts in advance wi

Instagram will soon allow select creators to make and sell NFTs directly in its app

Meta announced today that it is introducing a number of new creator updates across Instagram and Facebook. Most notably, the company revealed that creators on Instagram will soon be able to create the

Instagram is giving Twitter a run for its money as the most chaotic social network today

If you woke up to find that your Instagram account was randomly suspended this morning, you’re not alone. A vast number of users have reported that they are unable to access their accounts and a

Meta hit with antitrust breach order in Turkey for combining user data across FB, WhatsApp, Instagram

Meta won’t be quaking at the size of the penalty it’s just been handed by Turkey’s competition authority, which announced a 346.72 million lira sanction today. The circa $18.6 millio

Instagram’s DM filter tool now expands to Story replies, claims to catch intentional spelling mistakes

After facing criticism over failing to protect users from abusive accounts, Instagram has been steadily introducing new safety tools over the last few years. Today, the company is launching new tools

Instagram is testing an in-app scheduling tool for posts and reels

Social media managers and creators have long relied on third-party tools to schedule posts on Instagram. But now the company is testing an in-app tool to schedule posts and reels. The company confirme

Kanye West to acquire ‘uncancelable’ social media platform Parler

Kanye West, the rapper who also goes by the name Ye, has reached an agreement to buy “uncancelable free speech platform” Parler, the two said in a statement Monday, in a move they said wil

Coroner’s report into UK schoolgirl’s suicide urges social media regulation

A ‘Prevention of Future Deaths’ report following a U.K. coroner’s inquest into the suicide of British schoolgirl, Molly Russell, who killed herself almost five years ago after viewin

Instagram expands AI-powered age verification program to India and Brazil

Instagram, facing scrutiny from safety advocates, started testing a program in the U.S. earlier this year to verify users’ age of those claiming to be 18 or older. It uses techniques including a

OG App, what exactly was your end game here?

A couple of weeks ago, Apple removed the OG App from its app store, and today Google followed suit, booting the app from its platform as well. And I’m left scratching my head wondering what the

Google removes The OG App from the Play Store as founders think about next steps

Almost a week after Apple removed from the App Store The OG App, an Instagram client that promised to provide an ad-free and suggestion-free feed, Google followed the suit and booted the app off the P

Instagram to increase ad load as Meta fights revenue decline

Following another quarter that saw marketers pull back on their ad spending, Meta today announced it’s increasing its ad load on Instagram with the launch of two new ad slots. Amid a slew of pro

Meta settles lawsuit for ‘significant’ sum against businesses scraping Facebook and Instagram data

Facebook parent Meta has settled a lawsuit in the U.S. against two companies that had engaged in data scraping operations, which had seen them gathering data from Facebook and Instagram users for mark

All Facebook and Instagram users in the US can now share NFTs, cross-post between both apps

Meta announced today that all Facebook and Instagram users in the U.S. can now connect their wallets and share their NFTs. All users in the U.S. also have the ability to cross-post the NFTs that they

Apple removed The OG App from the App Store for unauthorized access of Instagram’s services

Update 11:10 AM EST: Apple told TechCrunch that it removed The OG App as it was accessing Instagram’s service in an unauthorized manner, which violated the Meta-owned platform’s terms. The

Instagram permanently disabled Pornhub’s account

After a weeks-long suspension, Pornhub’s account has been permanently removed from Instagram. Instagram told TechCrunch that Pornhub has repeatedly violated community guidelines, prompting the a

A new Instagram test removes shopping tab from the home screen

Meta is making it harder to find the Shop tab on Instagram with its latest test. In the new test, the Shop tab has been removed from the app’s Home Screen and is instead hidden underneath Settin

The OG App promised an ad-free Instagram feed then got pulled from App Store

Instagram is currently a mess and users — including Kim Kardashian — are unhappy about it. The company is trying to cram too many features like Reels, Remixes, an algorithmic feed and NFTs into th

Meta wants you to create more Instagram and Facebook accounts and hop between them easily

Meta is working on making it easier for users to switch between Facebook and Instagram accounts through a new profile switching tool. Anyone using either app will be able to hop between them if they&#
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