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3 Nearly Free Growth Hacks

“Growth hacking” is a term that people seem to think means "magically market any product or company for free." I wrote a post called What is growth hacking? to clarify the difference between effic

Real Engines Of Growth Have Nothing To Do With Growth Hacking

Imagine you're a 17-year-old girl at a well-to-do high school in Los Angeles, and you just discovered Snapchat. Until that moment, every time you thought about sending risqué photos to your romant

Vulfpeck Releases An Album Of Absolute Silence On Spotify To Make Money

Funk band Vulfpeck is showing everyone what growth hacking is all about — exploiting weaknesses to promote your work. The band recently released a new album on Spotify called Sleepify. It consis

When Growth Hacking Goes Bad

Andreessen Horowitz-backed music lyrics and annotations Rap Genius was the latest to stray over to the darker side of so-called "growth hacking," with its <a href="

eBay’s PayPal Acquires IronPearl To Fuel Growth Beyond 123M Users

About a month ago, I wrote about a stealthy company called IronPearl, led by Stan Chudnovsky and James Currier. They were growth hackers before the word “growth hacker” even existed. In f

Fandrop Debuts A Digg-Like Service For Viral Media, Hacks Its Way To Over 1 Million Pageviews Monthly

<a target="_blank" href="">Fandrop</a>, a new content sharing site started by a group of growth hackers, is debuting today to help you find out what's trending across the web. T

Chamath Palihapitiya On Growth Hacking And How To Create A Sustainable User Acquisition Engine

Last fall, Udemy co-founder Gagan Biyani and Wildfire's Erin Turner held the first <a target="_blank" href="">Growth Hackers Conference</a>, in which executives, ent

Defining A Growth Hacker: Debunking The 6 Most Common Myths About Growth Hacking

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Aaron Ginn is currently Head of Growth at <a target="_blank" href="">StumbleUpon</a>. </em> More and more startups are looking to hire growth ha