UK spy agency-backed cyber security incubator picks first seven startups

A GCHQ-backed startup incubator has opened its doors in the UK, announcing its first cohort of seven startups participating in the three month accelerator program (see below for the list of teams).

The NSA eavesdrops on in-flight mobile use too

If you’ve been taking your sensitive phone calls at 30,000 feet, well, it’s time to stop. Apparently, the NSA knows about your extremely elaborate privacy workaround — putting your iPho

UK spy agency GCHQ paid NZ firm Endace to power Internet fiber-optic taps

The 2013 Snowden documents revealed UK intelligence agency GCHQ to be tapping into the undersea cables that carry Internet traffic, covertly gathering vast amounts of digital comms data under a survei

UK’s new cyber security centre to debunk scare tactics and lead by example

The UK government has had enough of clichéd cyber dementor imagery, scary-sounding industry rhetoric and impossible security advice that the average consumer has no hope of following.

New Snowden document reveals UK spy agency warned of ‘too much data’ risk in 2010

Another document from the original cache leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 has just been published by The Intercept, and it further bolsters the view that government intelligence agen

After spying on social media, UK spy agency GCHQ officially joins Twitter

GCHQ, the UK spy agency which specializes in garnering intelligence from communications, has officially joined Twitter -- posting a "Hello, world" inaugural tweet from its blue check verified account.

UK spy agencies systematically amass data on innocent people, legal challenge reveals

Privacy campaign group Privacy International says documents it has obtained through a legal challenge to the UK security agencies data-harvesting practices illustrate the extent to which spies have sy

UK spy chief calls for tech sector co-operation to combat “abuse of encryption”

The director of UK spy agency, GCHQ, has urged closer co-operation between governments and the tech sector to end what he dubbed the "abuse of encryption", describing it as a "moral problem" which dem

U.K. Spy Agency Does Not Require Individual Warrants To Hack

More details about U.K. intelligence agency GCHQ's use of hacking -- aka: 'computer network interference' in euphemistic official parlance -- and the oversight regime governing its hacking activities

Extent Of U.K.’s Surveillance Dragnet Probed In Fresh Legal Challenge

A new legal challenge to U.K. intelligence agency surveillance practices has been filed in the U.K. by human rights organization Human Rights Watch and three unnamed individuals working in security re

U.K. Spy Oversight Court Rules GCHQ Acted Unlawfully Again

The U.K.’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the judicial oversight body which handles complaints relating to domestic intelligence agencies, has ruled that GCHQ acted unlawfully in the handling

After U.S. Freedom Act, U.K. Spy Agencies Face Fresh Legal Challenge Over Domestic Dragnets

In the wake of U.S. surveillance reform, civil liberty group Privacy International has filed a legal challenge to the GCHQ U.K. intelligence agency's ongoing domestic bulk data collection -- which inc

The NSA Reportedly Stole Millions Of SIM Encryption Keys To Gather Private Data

The American National Security Agency (NSA), and the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), similar clandestine intelligence agencies, stole SIM card encryption keys from a manufacture

Find Out If U.K. Spied On You Illegally Via NSA’s Prism, Upstream

Following a landmark legal ruling earlier this month that, prior to December 2014, the U.K.'s spy agency GCHQ acted illegally by receiving data from the NSA's surveillance dragnets, privacy advocacy o

U.K. Government Points Finger Of Blame At Web Firms For Counter-Terror Failures

The U.K. government is once again amping up counter-terrorism rhetoric against Internet companies, with Prime Minister David Cameron telling Parliament yesterday that digital communications firms' net

U.K. Spy Agency Chief Goes Public With Anti-Encryption Appeal To U.S. Tech Companies

In what must be one of the most high profile consequences of last year's Snowden revelations, which detailed the extent of government dragnet digital surveillance programs, the new chief of U.K. spy a

Tor Exec Claims NSA Agents Supply It With Vulnerability Information

The Tor Project, an effort to allow users to browse the Internet anonymously, thinks that it is receiving tips from spies focused on finding its flaws. Tor's Andrew Lewman alleges that the folks taske

Snowden Document Exposes Extensive List of British Spying Tools

The intelligence agency Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) -- Britain's National Security Agency (NSA) equivalent -- commands a wide-ranging set of tools that enable it to hack into popular

Left-Field ISPs File Hopeless Legal Complaint Against UK Spy Agency GCHQ

In a move that feels a bit like turkeys complaining to Christmas, a consortium of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), in conjunction with Privacy International, have <a target="_blank" href="https://ww

Here’s How UK Spy Agencies Justify Snooping On Brits’ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Use

Some new details about UK government policy regarding mass surveillance of domestic Internet users have emerged today, in a witness statement made by Charles Blandford Farr, Director General of the UK
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