Belkin Folio Case Adds A Keyboard To Your iPad

Belkin has just announced the availability of their $99 iPad "Folio" case that includes a battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard that would, in theory, turn your <a HREF="

Belkin Conserve lets you know if you left the refrigerator running, tells you to go catch it

<img src="" /> We all know something needs to happen to deal with the future of energy. Simple things such as leaving home el

Video Review: Belkin Play Max Wireless-N Router

<img src="">Setting up a router should be the easiest part of your day. There is no reason the average person needs to think ab

Belkin seems to understand normal people, releases aptly named wireless routers

<img src="">Consumers are dumb. Don't deny it. We are. <a href="">Belkin </a>apparently relized

Belkin launches pricey USB 3.0 products

<img src="" alt="" />In an age when standard USB 2.0 cables can be purchased for next to nothing, the $40 price tag on Belk

Belkin outs new Laptop Cooling Pad

<img src="" alt="" />Hey there, Hot Thighs. Got an uncomfortably warm laptop there, Hot Thighs? Listen, Hot Thighs, I saw that Belkin

Belkin’s latest FM transmitter uses GPS and user feedback to find best channel

<img src="">The “TuneCast Auto Live” FM transmitter from Belkin costs $80. That’s a lot of coin for an FM transmitter. It works w

The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver sends your iPhone's music to speakers and such

<img src="" />Looking at this Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, I'm over here thinking, “Man, 99 percent of the stuff we write about is

Belkin recalls surge protectors over fire concerns

<img src="">Oh noes! I have like five or six of these recalled surge protectors around my house. Plus I sold countless numbers of

Belkin issues a voluntary recall of some TuneBase models

Quick note: If you purchased a Belkin TuneBase iPod dock after April 1, 2009, click here to see if your model has a thing for starting fires. You probably don’t want that feature.

Belkin’s Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable is your way out of family tech support

<img src="" />Ah, late October – a time when a young man’s fancy turns to love, the autumn gingerly steps aside to make wa

And now, a plethora of new iPod cases from Belkin

<img src=""> The introduction of new iPod models means new iPod cases as far as the eye can see. One of the bigger players in the cutthr

Belkin intros a trio of "comfort" mice

<img src="" alt="" />It’s hard to believe that anything other than the Logitech MX Revolution could be comfortable in the han

Belkin announces a cornucopia of iPhone 3G/3G S cases

What would a Monday morning be without an iPhone accessory post? I don’t know because it seems like we do them all the time! With today’s announcement, Belkin has covered the whole gamut to meet e

The new Belkin TuneBase iPod/iPhone dock, it has a speakerphone

<img src=""><a href="">Belkin</a>, and others, have been making similar car docks for a wh

Belkin's CushDesk prevents lap fires

<img src="" alt="belkin" />Straight outta Compton (yes, Belkin is located in Compton -- interesting factoid for your next dinner

New Belkin chargers turn your car's lighter socket into a USB port

<img src="" />If you're one of the incredibly small camp of people who use the phenomenally unpopular "I-Phone" or whatever, you

Review: Belkin Powerline AV+ Starter Kit

My Problem: I needed internet connectivity in my garage, which is the only thing on the first level of my house. Thing is, my garage seems to be built like a friggin’ faraday cage – the wi

Belkin replies to Mechanical Turk shilling

<img src="">Belkin responded to the <a href="

Belkin paying 65 cents for good reviews on NewEgg and Amazon?

<img src="" /> I just contacted Belkin to confirm but this doesn't look good. A site called <a HREF="
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