Verified Expert Brand Designer: Ramotion

Ramotion is a remote branding and product design agency that has worked with Bay Area tech startups since 2014. While they typically do branding for funded, fast-growing startups, Ramotion has helped

How to prepare for an investment apocalypse

Unlike 2000 and 2008, everyone in the startup world is expecting a crash to come at any moment. But few are taking concrete steps to prepare for it.

Behance founder on maximizing creative output and using constraints to boost productivity

Scott Belsky is the co-founder of Behance and investor at Benchmark Capital. In this episode, we discuss how to maximize your creative output, how constraints can – and should – be used to boost p

Adobe Launches Smart Portfolio-Based Talent Search For Recruiters On Behance

When Adobe bought Behance in December 2012, it looked like a smart matchup for both companies and the acquisition is definitely starting to pay off for Adobe. Over time, the company has integrated mor

Adobe Acqui-hires Thumb Labs To Make Mobile Apps For Behance And Its New Creative Cloud

Another step for Adobe in its bid to become the go-to place in the cloud for those working in design and other creative industries: it is acquiring Thumb Labs, a bootstrapped, New York-based mobile ap

Adobe Acquired Portfolio Service Behance For More Than $150 Million In Cash And Stock

Adobe announced <a href="">yesterday</a> that it had acquired New Y

Adobe Acquires Social Portfolio Platform Behance To Power Its Creative Cloud Community Features

Adobe just announced that it has acquired Behance, a New York-based online platform where creative professionals can showcase their portfolios and where businesses can find talent. The site currently

After 5 Years Of Bootstrapping, Behance Nabs $6.5M From USV, Jeff Bezos, Dave Morin & More

<a href="">At the end of March, we covered Behance's major site redesign</a>, at which point we learned that the startup was launching over 20

Adding 1K+ Members/Day, Behance Drops Major Redesign To Make “The Creative Graph” A Reality

While the Web today is chock full of creative expression of every stripe, and digital media has given voice to a whole new class of amateur creatives, be they musicians, artists, or photographers, cre

With Its Eyes On ‘The Creative Graph’, Behance Crosses 1 Million Projects Published Milestone

There is a lot of creative talent out there, but for a long time, designers, artists, and creative professionals were underrepresented in the digital world. Not only that, but the Web happens to be a

Action Method: A Flexible and Intuitive Project Management System

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