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Former Beats Music CEO is back with an electric scooter startup

About a year ago, David Hyman, former Beats Music CEO and co-founder of music startup Mog that eventually sold to Beats Music, did something that was “very abnormal for me — career-wise,&#

Jimmy Iovine is reportedly leaving Apple this year

Jimmy Iovine, the music mogul who sold Beats to Apple in 2014, is reportedly leaving Apple later this year (in August), Billboard reports. Word on the street is that Iovine’s departure is timed

Beats Music To Shut Down On November 30

It was bound to happen. Now that Apple Music is <a href="">available on Android</a>, Apple is going to <a target="_blank" href="ht

Apple’s Streaming Music Service Said To Cost $10 Monthly Debuts Next Week

Apple will indeed reveal a new streaming music service next week, according to the Wall Street Journal, and said service will cost $10 per month and provide unlimited listening. The service will be s

New Apple TV Hardware With Siri, App Store And HomeKit Said To Be Planned For WWDC

Apple had Apple TV news at its most recent special event, but it wasn’t the new Apple TV hardware some expected. That refresh is coming in June at WWDC, however, according to Buzzfeed’s Jo

Apple Could Include A Re-Branded Beats Music On Every iPhone

Apple might indeed be rolling its Beats Music streaming service into its general iTunes music offerings, and shipping it included across its range of mobile devices, including both iPhones and iPads.

Apple Plans To Shut Down Beats Music

Apple will discontinue the streaming music service Beats Music it acquired in May, according to five sources, including several prominent employees at Apple and Beats. Many engineers from Beats Music

Apple Officially Welcomes Beats As It Gets U.S. Regulatory Approval For The Deal

Apple has a new splash page welcoming Beats to its family, with a declaration expressing excitement that both Beats Music and Beats Electronics have joined the Cupertino-based company. The page includ

Beats Music Mobile App Gets Recommendation Tweaking, Verified Profiles And More

Beats Music has updated its iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications with a few new features, including a way to tune the Beats recommendation engine manually for better suggestions, a new history

Apple’s Beats Acquisition Gets Approval From The European Commission

Apple has the green light to proceed with its acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music from the European Commission. Both companies do indeed sell headphones in the EU, which is part of the mo

Beats Is Using World Cup Fever To Promote Exclusive Early Access To Tracks

Apple acquired a streaming music service with Beats, but how do you distinguish yourself in a market where one of the earliest movers still has an overwhelming percentage of mindshare? The key might b

Apple Now Makes Apps For Other Mobile Platforms – Which Could Be Huge For The Future Of Media

Apple became something more with the Beats acquisition today – a multi-mobile platform developer at least for the time being. The company will continue to operate Beats Music on Android and Windows

Apple Will Operate Beats Music’s Streaming Service Separately From The iTunes Download Store

Apple just bought Beats, but rather than risk cratering iTunes download sales by evolving it into a streaming service, it will operate Beats Music’s streaming service in parallel to give listene

Apple Buys Beats Electronics For $3B

Apple has indeed purchased Beats, which includes both Beats Audio hardware and Beats Music, the streaming radio service that was founded by rapper Dr. Dre and longtime music industry exec Jimmy Iovine

Apple Wants Beats For Paid Streaming Conversion Rate And To Improve Beats Hardware, Report Claims

Update: Apple announced the $3 billion deal on May 28th. Apple is after Beats for its streaming music expertise, not the hardware that most find mediocre at best, according to a new Bloomberg report o

Dr Dre Appears To Confirm Beats/Apple Deal, Calls Himself ‘The First Billionaire In Hip Hop’

Update: Apple announced the $3 billion deal on May 28th. “It’s not often you get to listen to Beats with Mr Beats himself.” So starts what looks like a selfie-video by musician Tyres

Beats Music Gets In-App Subscriptions, Beefs Up Free Streaming Options

Beats Music, the streaming radio solution spun out from the makers of Beats audio hardware products, has decided to bite the bullet and give Apple its 30 percent cut on subscription sign-ups. The stre

Beats Music Acquires Music Marketing And Monetization Company Topspin Media

Beats Music, the streaming music service <a href="">recently launched</a> by the similarly-named headphone company, just announced that it has acqu

Fly Or Die: Beats Music

Beats Music is the latest of many streaming music services to hit the scene, pulling from some of the best parts of competing products to offer an excellent internet radio experience. Once you offer u

Beats Music Arrives, Offering Songza-Style Playlist Generation, Offline Music And More

Beats Music, the streaming music service from the Dr. Dre-fronted headphone company, arrived this morning on iOS, Android and web. The long-anticipated streaming product is the result of Beats’
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