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Bipartisan bill seeks to curb recommendation algorithms

If passed, the Filter Bubble Transparency Act would require companies like Meta to offer a version of their platforms that runs on a "transparent" algorithm that omits user data in recommendations.

NFTs and crypto wallets could be in Discord’s future

Discord is already the de facto home for NFT communities, but the company could be planning to deepen those connections in a big way. On Monday, Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron tweeted a screensh

Crewed Artemis moon landing pushed back to 2025, NASA says

Blue Origin’s failed lawsuit against NASA over the Human Landing System (HLS) contract, which was thrown out by a judge last week and the growing progress of the Chinese space program were top of mi

Stoa School wants to bring the vision of the ‘alternative MBA’ to India

Disrupting the traditional MBA may be the most tried, tested and tweaked edtech startup pitch out there. And rightfully so: Business school is damn expensive and largely reserved for a select group of

Google tests Project Relate, a voice recognition and synthesis app for people with speech impairments

Google is looking for help developing an Android app aimed at providing more communication options for people with speech impairments. Project Relate, as the effort and app is now called, will provide

Republic acquires crowdfunding media agency Arora Project in ‘multimillion-dollar deal’

Off the heels of a $150 million Series B fundraise, New York-based investing platform Republic has acquired Arora Project, an equity crowdfunding media agency that helps startups create and launch cam

fuboTV to acquire streaming platform Molotov for $190 million

FuboTV is making a significant move in Europe with plans to acquire Molotov, a French startup with a leading television streaming service. FuboTV also operates a TV streaming platform, but it is curre

Eraser, a new collaboration startup for technical teams, says it has one million (free) users already

Shin Kim spent nearly two years helping renowned entrepreneur and investor Elad Gil vet deals and dream up new ideas as his chief of staff. In the process, an idea bubbled up that seemed too compellin

Unity is buying Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital for over $1.6B

Unity has just announced its intent to acquire Weta Digital, the legendary visual effects company co-founded by Peter Jackson, for a massive $1.625 billion. Whether or not you recognize the name, you&

SpinLaunch completes first prototype flight using kinetic launch system

SpinLaunch, a startup working on a kinetic space launch system, has successfully completed its first prototype flight. It’s a major milestone for the seven-year-old company as it works toward a test

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky discusses the future of work and the one thing he’d do over

"I think we're now better off than we were before the pandemic. But that was a bit of a wake-up call to us. That wake-up call actually led to a lot of changes."

These tiny robots inspired by starfish larva move courtesy of ultrasound

Microrobots have been a longtime fascination for many in the industry. Such technologies could ultimately provide a slew of applications, including a handful of useful features in healthcare. Things l

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep tech predictions, HashiCorp’s IPO, enterprisewide AI

If you believe you have a good idea for a startup, go for it. When venture capitalists say this is a good time to be a founder, you know they absolutely mean it.

iOS 15.2 includes Apple’s new safety feature for kids in Messages

Apple has released the second developer beta of iOS 15.2, which includes support for its new communication safety feature in Messages. The feature was announced earlier this year, alongside the compan

Health tech startup Color raises $100M at a $4.6B valuation

Health tech startup Color has raised $100 million in Series E funding, bringing the company’s valuation to $4.6 billion. This round means Color has now raised a total of $378 million, with this late

How to take advantage of distributed work

Distributed work is becoming the norm for many tech companies as the pandemic waxes and wanes. But there are plenty of ways to mess it up, especially if you’re attempting a hybrid solution

TikTok ventures into mobile gaming, initially in partnership with Zynga

TikTok is experimenting with games, initially in partnership with mobile gaming giant Zynga. On Monday, Zynga announced its plans to launch a new HTML5-based game, “Disco Loco 3D,” exclusi

Chicago’s Origin Ventures just closed its biggest fund yet with $130 million in commitments

Origin Ventures, the 22-year-old, early-stage, Chicago-based venture firm, just closed its fifth fund with $130 million in capital commitments, which makes the vehicle the firm’s biggest. It was

Aileen Lee and Rachel Carlson walk through Guild Education’s early pitch deck

You can't raise more than $370 million on a good idea alone. But you can raise a seed round worth a few million from Aileen Lee with that and a few other critical ingredients.

Pact is a massage gun that cares how you’re feeling

There are dozens of devices out there that are eager to beat your muscles to within an inch of their tense little lives. They all have one thing in common: They’re a lot more powerful and have m
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