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North Carolina-based The Climate Service raises $3.8 million for climate audits

With corpora tions across the world taking a closer look at the effects their operations have on global climate change, investors are backing a crop of software and services that are cropping up to pu

Expensify CEO shares high-level keys for keeping costs low and managing expenses

Hire people you trust, keep policies light and flexible, and invest in experiences that bring your team together.

Amazon fires two more employees who were openly critical of working conditions during pandemic

Two additional employees who were publicly critical of Amazon’s warehouse conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been fired by the company. UX designers Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa were bot

Facebook launches an experimental app for messaging close friends via Apple Watch

Facebook&#82 17;s internal R&D group has today launched a new app that lets you keep up with your close friends via your Apple Watch. The app is called Kit, or Keep in Touch, and works using a com

Stanford and Google create an embeddable COVID-19 map for local journalists

Stanford University’s Big Local News and Pitch Interactive projects, along with the Google News Initiative, are launching a new tool today that allows local journalists to embed customized, up-t

Truphone raises $38M at $516M valuation as its eSIM business crosses 4M profiles

Truphone, a UK-based startup that provides voice and data services for phones, tablets and IoT hardware by way of eSIM software integrated directly into the devices, has raised another round of fundin

This venture firm is offering fast funding in a time of uncertainty

The early-stage venture firm NFX is launching a seed-funding initiative today that invites founders to apply for seed funding of $1 million to $2 million in exchange for 15% of their company. Why is t

The digital future is now

Bruce Spring steen once wrote, “We’re living in the future and none of this has happened yet.” It seems that the world is changing before our eyes as COVID-19 has sent us all home an

What you need to know about COVID-19-related cyberattacks

Attack methods logically exploit changes in the global environment. Mass working over remote connection leads to mass remote login activity.

Nintendo Switch update adds ability to transfer game downloads to SD card

Nintendo jus t released the 10.0.0 firmware for its Switch gaming console and finally added a feature users have wanted since the system launched. The update allows downloaded games to be transferred

VC activity goes upside down as seed deals fall and mega-rounds rise

We're talking about three trends this morning: The sharp decline in Q1 U.S. seed rounds, how mega-rounds ($100 million and larger funding events) are holding up the sky for domestic venture totals, an

Los Angeles-based Frame launches mental health gateway for a pandemic-stricken generation

The story behind Frame, the startup aiming to be the nation’s gateway into the world of therapy and mental wellness, seems like a tailor-made story of American entrepreneurial success. Its co-fo

Venture capitalists chat edtech’s new normal after COVID-19 

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has had a monumental impact on the way we view technology’s relationship with education. For now, students are learning from home. But what happens when they

Electrical worker safety startup launches a COVID-19 workplace distance and contact tracker

A startup that created a dedicated gadget to help ensure the safety of electrical industry workers has turned their talents to addressing the need for similar workplace protections in the face of anot

Stackery releases slew of updates to simplify serverless app deployment

Stackery, a 4-year old Portland startup, wants to help development teams deliver serverless resources on AWS more easily, and today it announced several enhancements to the platform. With serverless a

Lucid Motors’ EV factory starts to take shape

Four months after breaking ground, the Lucid Motors factory in Arizona sits  — its new roof and sign emblazoned on its side— waiting for construction to resume. The electric vehicle company relea

Google said to be preparing its own chips for use in Pixel phones and Chromebooks

Google is re portedly on the verge of stepping up their hardware game in a way that follows the example set by Apple, with custom-designed silicon powering future smartphones. Axios reports that Googl

Filipino live streaming app Kumu raises $5 million Series A led by Openspace Ventures

Kumu Holdings, a live streaming startup based in the Philippines, announced today it has raised about $5 million in Series A funding, earmarked for new features and growing its operations. The round w

Covidmaps lets you find grocery stores and pharmacies in India

More than half a dozen volunteers have banded together in India to launch a crowdsourced tool to help people in the nation identify and locate nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, and cash machines as N

UK tech job vacancies fall 31% in less than 4 weeks, according to job site data – so who is still hiring?

As the coronavirus crisis continues, hiring data is emerging that paints a mixed picture for U.K. tech, which, in the preceding months and years, has been stuck on a growth trajectory of up and to the
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