NFTs are part of a larger economic development in finance capital

Before NFTs are written off as a flash in the pan, it might be worth considering that NFTs were never designed to be very useful in traditional investment frameworks.

The NFT craze will be a boon for lawyers

The best way to know which aspects of the NFT craze will outlast this trendy boom is to look at the history of comparable assets; people have been making crypto collectibles for nearly seven years.

Extra Crunch members get unlimited access to 12M stock images for $99 per year

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Yay Images for a new Extra Crunch Partner Perk. Starting today, Extra Crunch members can get unlimited access to Yay Images’ collection of ove

TechCrunch, still not dead

You may have seen an article over at Axios today about the rebrand of many of the Verizon Media products under a new Yahoo+ banner. I would like to congratulate all of the teams that have worked hard

Kargo unveils its new Fabrik publishing system

Digital advertising company Kargo is launching a new product and new business unit called Fabrik. Founder and CEO Harry Kargman explained that Fabrik is a content management system designed for publis

‘Black Widow’ and ‘Cruella’ will get Premier Access releases on Disney+

In what looks like both an endorsement of its Premier Access streaming strategy and a tacit acknowledgement that theatrical moviegoing won’t be returning to normal anytime soon, Disney just anno

Dataminr raises $475M on a $4.1B valuation for real-time insights based on 100k sources of public data

Significant funding news today for one of the startups making a business out of tapping huge, noisy troves of publicly available data across social media, news sites, undisclosed filings and more. Dat

Tencent Music now has joint labels with all ‘big three’ record labels

The music streaming arm of Tencent is further tightening its ties with the “big three” record label companies, its major licensing partners. Tencent Music Entertainment announced Tuesday t

NFTs could bridge video games and the fashion industry

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer new ways for consumers to collect, wear and trade fashion online. Now that most fashion shows have scaled back or gone virtual, they may become an important tool for t

Survey: Share feedback on Extra Crunch

Over the last few months, we’ve added a number of new Extra Crunch features at the request of the community. This includes Group Membership, expanding support to new countries like Israel and No

Daily Crunch: YouTube’s TikTok rival launches in the US

YouTube Shorts comes to the U.S., Amazon starts testing electric delivery vans in San Francisco and new data suggests the impact of Google Play’s recent changes. This is your Daily Crunch for Ma

Substack faces backlash over the writers it supports with big advances

Substack has attracted a number of high-profile writers to its newsletter platform — and it’s not a secret that the venture-backed startup has lured some of them with sizable payments. For exa

How localization leader Iyuno Media Group opens entertainment to international audiences

Video-streaming platforms have signed up more subscribers during COVID-19 lockdowns, and that growth is expected to continue after the pandemic, showcasing more international content. When subtitles

China wants to dismantle Alibaba’s media empire: reports

Over the years, Jack Ma has accumulated a media portfolio in China that rivals that of Jeff Bezos in the United States. But now the future of Ma’s media empire is in the crosshairs of the Chines

The NFT market is just getting started, but where is it headed?

Every once in a meme-ified blue moon, the wildly irrational cryptocurrency ecosystem gives birth to something that might outlive the hype.

Swell launches its app for asynchronous voice conversations

You might think that Clubhouse is the final word on audio-centric social networks, but a San Francisco startup called Swell is launching its own iOS and Android app focused on voice conversations. The

Netflix gets 35 Oscar nominations, including 10 for ‘Mank’

Netflix’s original films received 35 Oscar nominations this year, once again putting the streaming service ahead of any other Hollywood studios. “Mank” led the pack with 10 nominations, incl

Disruptel raises $1.1M to make smart TVs smarter

St. Louis-based voice assistant startup Disruptel is announcing that it has raised $1.1 million in seed funding. The money comes from an impressive group of investors who seem well-aligned with what t

Epidemic Sound raises $450M at a $1.4B valuation to ‘soundtrack the internet’

The popularity of video and other streamed content like podcasts is continuing to grow at a breakneck speed, and today a startup called Epidemic Sound, a marketplace to source the background music for

Gamefam aims to be the first big gaming company built on Roblox

Roblox went public yesterday after seeing tremendous growth in 2020, which isn’t just good news for the company’s employees and investors — there are also startups like Gamefam hoping to
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