How our SaaS startup improved net revenue retention by more than 30 points in two quarters

Net revenue retention is the most underrated metric out there. The greater the NRR, the quicker companies can scale. Simply put: the power of compound math.

5 mistakes creators make building new games on Roblox

Gamefam learned to develop on Roblox the hard way -- by trial and error and by getting better at listening to the community’s unique gamer culture. Here are some common mistakes.

How VC and private equity funds can launch portfolio-acceleration platforms

Almost every private equity and venture capital investor now advertises that they have a platform to support their portfolio companies.

Staying ahead of the curve on Google’s Core Web Vitals

While many view Google's Core Web Vitals as a big hoop to jump through to please the search powers that be, others are seeing -- and seizing -- the opportunities that come along with this change.

Social+ payments: Why fintechs need social features

The shift toward social+ is not going anywhere, and the fintech vertical is no exception. The good news is the social+finance trend is still in its infancy, which means there are opportunities to gain

To solve all the small things, look to everyday Little AI

We should be deploying simple AI tools to solve and improve upon everyday tactics so we can spend more time on strategic growth goals and long-term execution.

Proactive CEOs should prioritize European expansion

The best CEOs are globally ambitious, and they know that unlocking Europe’s growth potential remains a critical step on the road to IPO.

In freemium marketing, product analytics are the difference between conversion and confusion

Considering that fewer than 5% of free users move to paid plans, even a slight improvement in conversion can translate to significant revenue gains.

RIBS: The messaging framework for every company and product

Relevant. Inevitable. Believable. Simple. Behind most successful companies is a story that checks every one of those boxes.

3 strategies for elevating brand authority in 2021

Providing real value through content is an excellent way to build authority in the short and long term. The key is figuring out the best route for your investment.

Why do SaaS companies with usage-based pricing grow faster?

Public SaaS companies that have adopted usage-based pricing are better at landing new customers, growing with them and retaining them. 

4 strategies for deep tech startups recruiting top growth marketers

Growth talent wants to know that they have room to experiment, fail and iterate with the support and trust of their company.

Commercializing deep tech startups: A practical guide for founders and investors

Deep tech companies have the capability to create new markets with little competition and can replace existing technologies while fundamentally transforming an industry.

The future of SaaS is on-demand: Use experts to drive growth and engagement

Not having a gig economy strategy as we start 2021 is like missing the internet trend in 1990 or failing to get ahead of the mobile revolution in 2010.

Subscription-based pricing is dead: Smart SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based models

Out of nine SaaS IPOs in recent years that had the best net dollar retention, seven employ usage-based models.

Customer advisory boards are a gold mine for startup brand champions

Any startup that hopes to build a direct connection with its customers should consider recruiting a group of users who will share their experiences, insights and advice.

Drupal’s journey from dorm-room project to billion-dollar exit

Moving from dorm room to billion-dollar exit is the dream of every startup founder. Dries Buytaert got there by being bold, working hard and thinking big.

How and when to build marketing teams at deep tech companies

When should deep tech companies hire marketers, and do these hires need industry experience?

How Segment redesigned its core systems to solve an existential scaling crisis

The systemic issues became apparent the way they often do -- when customers began complaining.

How to convert customers with subscription pricing

While the customer dynamic has changed over the last 20 years, it's actually gotten easier to convert and retain customers through the subscription funnel.
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