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I’ve missed this feature since OmniWeb was shuttered — Safari 16 just brought it back

Sidebar tabs aren’t a new idea, but they've been sorely lacking among modern browsers.

Our Next Energy debuts exotic new battery made from cheap, abundant metal

ONE's clever battery management system allowed the company to explore chemistries that had been otherwise ignored.

Climate tech is a hot investment in 2022 — next five years could be even hotter

There are a lot of different bets to place in the climate tech sector, but a few stand out for their early-stage potential and favorable tailwinds.

Odyssey Energy Solutions continues quest to electrify developing economies with $5.3M seed

The startup's platform enables the planning, financing, building and operating of distributed renewable energy projects in developing economies.

Smart vent startup Flair nabs $7.6M Series A to decarbonize buildings

Flair offers smart vents and thermostats that can balance heating and cooling across a home, potentially slashing energy use.

Can battery recycling help end US reliance on China?

China has long been the leader in battery supply and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act seeks to end reliance on the East Asian country and turn the U.S. into a battery powerhouse.

EV battery leases could be a boon for manufacturers, a bust for consumers

Startup automaker VinFast is planning to lease its EVs' batteries, a trial that other manufacturers are undoubtedly watching closely.

Electrification is poised to turn school buses into money-making arbitrage assets

A recent test hints at buses' massive potential to stabilize a grid that’s increasingly threatened by extreme weather.

Carbon Direct caps $60M round to coach companies on cutting emissions

Carbon Direct advises companies on how to best cut and capture carbon -- then helps them do it.

Manchin’s ultimatum may turn the US into a battery powerhouse

“You want to get your $7,500, then build this industry.”

3 views: Thoughts on Flow

Neumann and Andreessen are trying to privatize the neighborhood. Here’s why we think that’s not such a great idea.

🌎🔥😬🥴🤷😭 Why we need an emoji for climate change

The consequences of climate change are becoming more apparent, and a growing number of people are experiencing climate anxiety. We need a way to communicate that.

Winners, losers abound as Inflation Reduction Act becomes law

As with any legislation, there are winners and losers. But the details matter, and some climate tech sectors got a better deal than others.

Oil and gas didn’t benefit from investor largesse in recent years — but renewables did

For oil and gas companies, steady rates of investment should be a worrying trend.

EV laggards BMW and Toyota to partner on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

BMW and Toyota will team up to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles starting mid-decade, according to a report in Nikkei Asia. The two will begin producing and selling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles devel

Massive iron batteries could be key to displacing natural gas from the grid

VoltStorage recently raised a Series C worth $24 million from engine manufacturer Cummins. Its previous rounds included investments from SOSV and EIT InnoEnergy.

BMW hedges its EV bet, appears poised to repeat mistakes of the past

BMW is on the verge of creating another compromise platform that could hamstring its EV efforts.

That big climate bill might actually make a difference

It’s not perfect, but it’s a major step, one that could restore confidence in global climate agreements.

The road map for building the Uber of climate tech

The world needs a climate tech startup that’s like an early-days Uber, a company that won’t take no for an answer.

Aurora Hydrogen raises $10M, but will its process decarbonize or facilitate tar sand exploitation?

Aurora uses a microwave-based approach to liberate hydrogen from methane.
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