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Why a fast-growing climate tech startup raised its second Series B in 13 months

The Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t changed the company’s business model, but it has changed its business plans.

Climate tech VC firm closes $300M fund after LPs push for broader investment opportunities

Congruent Ventures new fund bucks the trend of venture pullback, suggesting continued confidence in climate tech.

Noya pivots to embrace modular direct air capture, lands $11M Series A

The Y Combinator alumnus quickly adapted its technology after the Inflation Reduction Act changed the economics of carbon capture.

What the new EPA tailpipe regulations mean for investors

By 2032, two-thirds of car and light truck sales will have to be zero emitting. That means myriad opportunities for investors.

NovoNutrients wants to turn CO2 into protein

NovoNutrients will be building a pilot-scale plant with help from a $3 million technology and investment deal.

Arts Help launches $6M fundraise to build digital climate library and ESG certification program

The lack of access to proper climate information has become imperative as the Earth’s temperature swells.

Over 300 gigafactories will make tomorrow’s EVs. We mapped them all

Venture capitalists and private equity firms have invested over $40 billion into battery technology startups, and some of those investments are now coming to fruition.

Casper co-founders want to sell you another box. This time, it’s a battery

Haven Energy seeks to make installing and using home batteries easy so owners can put an end to power outages.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2023 Demo Day — Part 2

Over 20,000 applications flew into Y Combinator, which ended up plucking out 282 startups for its latest batch. Now we’re getting our first look at them through Demo Day. The first day’s demos inc

Climate tech tapped the brakes in Q1. Will the slowdown continue?

Climate tech’s resilience has led some to call it the ultimate “recession proof” investment. Is that still true?

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2023 Demo Day — Part 1

Here’s a crazy statistic: More than half of the companies in Y Combinator’s latest cohort were accepted to the accelerator with only an idea, no minimum viable product or revenue strategy needed.

Magnets and water net Magnotherm $6.9M seed round to kill hazardous refrigerants

German startup thinks its technology can freeze old fridges out of the market while consuming up to 40% less energy.

Why startups should care about geopolitical repercussions of US climate law

A fluid geopolitical landscape could roil the climate tech industry. How should founders and investors react?

Fusion startup Type One Energy gets $29M seed round to fast-track its reactor designs

The company is betting that outsourcing will fast-track its unique fusion reactor designs.

Forget banks: Investors should be worrying about the climate

Where the fuck is the panic?

Unearthly Materials claimed to have big-name investors, but they weren’t all on board

If Unearthly Materials' claims are true, and if scientists can refine the room-temp superconductor further, it could become a truly transformative technology.

BlocPower hits its stride, landing $25M Series B to expand its residential energy retrofit platform

The Inflation Reduction Act will ramp up demand for heat pumps and home electrification. BlocPower’s platform can help make energy retrofitting more accessible.

To fix the climate, these 10 investors are betting the house on the ocean

Founders and investors have a growing appreciation for the ocean’s potential to help solve the climate problem.

Divert bags $100M growth equity, $1B financing to tackle grocery store food waste

Divert's infrastructure will cover 80% of the population in the U.S., potentially averting 400,000 metric tons of carbon pollution annually.

Why so many gigafactories? It’s not just EVs driving demand

The automotive sector's ups and downs can make big bets hard to place. And yet the money keeps flowing. What's behind the bravado?
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