Serkan Toto

Serkan Toto

Dr. Serkan Toto is CEO & Founder of Tokyo-based Kantan Games Inc., an independent game industry consultancy focused on the Japanese market.

He is sept-lingual, holds an MBA and is a PhD in economics.

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Nintendo Japan Announces Title List For Their Game Boy Advance 3DS Ambassador Program

It's now video game history: after the <a href="">3DS</a> didn't sell as well as expected, <a href="">Nintendo</a> decide

Nintendo 3DS Is Selling Like Hot Cakes In Japan, Thanks To Monster Hunter 3G

The <a href="">3DS</a> sure had a bumpy start, but it seems <a href="">Nintendo</a> boss Satoru Iwata's hunch that sales

Toshiba Japan Announces 10.1-Inch, Windows 7-Powered Tablet

Japan <a href="">seems</a> <a href="

Video: Honda’s (Amazing) Personal Mobility Robot Uni-Cub

<a href="">Honda</a> caused quite a splash a while back with the introduction of the <a href="

EMIRAI: Mitsubishi Shows Futuristic Car Interface (Video)

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, <a href="">Mitsubishi</a> took the wraps off EMIRAI, a near-future concept that will become reality in about 10 years (if the

From The Infinity Ventures Summit In Kyoto/Japan: 13 Demos From Japanese Startups

I took part in the <a href="">Infinity Ventures Summit Fall 2011</a> (IVS) in Kyoto/Japan last week, a two-day web industry event organized twice a year by Ja

KOBOT: Japanese Company Shows Transformable, Smartphone-Controlled E-Cars (Video)

Japan-based <a href="">Kowa Tmsuk</a> may just be ten months old and just have five employees (it's a joint venture between two larger companies), but it seems the co

Panasonic Announces Android Phone With 4.3-Inch OLED Screen For The European Market

It took them quite a while, but as <a href="">reported</a>, <a href="https://future.tec

TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing Winner OrderWithMe Raises $3 Million From Infinity Venture Partners, SOSventures

The <a href="">winner</a> of the Startup Battlefield at <a href="">TechCrunc

Toshiba Japan Dates And Prices Its 55-Inch Naked-Eye 3D TV With 4K Resolution

Do you remember that 55-inch monster of a naked-eye 3D TV <a href="">Toshiba</a> unveiled <a href="

Nintendo President Iwata Says The 3DS Is Back On Track

<a href="">Nintendo</a> caused a huge splash in the video gaming world earlier this year, when it announced a drastic price cut for the <a href="https://futur

Video: Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire

It's not the first of its kind (Michelin already showed a prototype), but it looks like the airless tire <a href="">Bridgestone</a> has developed is the most advanced we

Japan’s GREE To Challenge Facebook And Zynga As Global Social Gaming Platform In 2012

Japanese mobile social gaming giant and <a href="">Openfeint owner</a> <a href="http://gree

ARROWS ES: Fujitsu’s Android Phone Is Just 6.7MM Thick And Waterproof, Boasts 4-Inch NEW AMOLED Display

No doubt, Japan is on its way to <a href="">becoming</a> <a href="

Roboden: Japanese Company Develops World’s First Elastic Electrical Cable (Video)

They aren't as hip as those curly cables we've <a href="">shown</a> you a few days ago, but <a href="

NEC MEDIAS PP: Waterproof Android Phone With 4-Inch OLED Screen, 1700mAh Battery, Wireless Charging Support

Japanese mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] it will star

Video: Anti-Sleep Apnea Robot Pillow

<a href="">Sleep apnea</a> can be a big problem for people affected by the disorder, but there is help from Japan on the way. A team of researchers at <a href="

Overview: 11 Startup Demos From The TechCrunch Tokyo 2011 Conference

<a href="">TechCrunch Japan</a> organized <a href="">TechCrunch Tokyo 2011</a> [JP] on Tuesday, a one-day event that attracted a

5.47mm: Sharp’s Super-Thin CMOS Camera Module Paves Way For Thinner Smartphones

Smartphones are soon to become thinner: <a href="">Sharp</a> has developed a 1/3.2-inch <a href="">CMOS camera m

Video: Japanese Robot Climbs Up And Down Ladders By Itself

We're getting closer and closer to the <a href="">Robocalypse</a>: Osaka-based industrial equipment maker <a href="
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