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Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is a writer at TechCrunch. Previously, he reported on Apple, enterprise, and streaming media at Business Insider.

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Volkswagen’s Apple Watch App Will Notify You When Your Teen Driver Speeds

German car manufacturer Volkswagen today announced that it's joining the ranks of companies offering an Apple Watch app to go along with its broader mobile service. VW's Car-Net service has offered

Nativetap Lets Developers Test On A Variety Of Phones From A Single Tablet

Startup Battlefield contestant has built a system that allows developers to test and debug their apps from a single iPad or Android tablet, yet see a pixel-perfect representation of what

File-Sharing Service Droplr Is Going Freemium

File-sharing service Droplr is adopting a freemium business model starting tomorrow. Instead of paying $4.99 per month just to try the service, you'll be able to download clients on a variety of platf

With Gruberie, Your Waiter Doesn’t Need To Take Your Order

One of the hacks from our Disrupt NY Hackathon already has a customer: in less than 24 hours, Gruberie set up a site, built an app, and convinced a local diner to install Gimbal beacons so they could

The 2016 Chevy Volt Will Cost Just $26K After Tax Credits

Chevrolet just announced the final pricing for its 2016 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, and it's surprisingly affordable. If you get the full $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles, the new Vol

TC AppleCast 13: Life With Apple Watch

On this week’s AppleCast, we get into the Apple Watch experience, since we’ve both now been actively using them for at least a few days. We expand on our thoughts regarding the device at l

Airtable Launches Its API And Embedded Databases

Two months after launching its unique organizational tool, Airtable is rolling out two new features that'll make it easier to share your personal spreadsheet/database hybrids with others in a way they

Microsoft Announces Continuum, Turning Windows 10 Phones Into Desktops

Microsoft just demonstrated one of the intriguing possibilities from its single platform/multiple form factors approach for Windows 10: the ability to use your phone as your desktop computer. In co

Microsoft’s New Add-In Frameworks Let Developers Access Office’s Data Graph

At its Build event in San Francisco, Microsoft just showed off its new add-in frameworks for Office that let developers build applications on top of the company's productivity apps that will run every

YC-Backed ShipBob Raises $1M To Help Small Businesses Deliver Orders On Time

It's been a bit more than half a year since shipping startup ShipBob went through Y Combinator, and it's finally ramping up to launch in its second city. It's able to make that jump thanks to a $1 mil

IBM Researchers Can Now Spot Errors In Quantum Calculations

IBM researchers say they've solved a big piece of the quantum computing puzzle with a new system for protecting against errors that can crop up among quantum bits, or 'qubits.' The issue the team i

Lexus RC 350 F Sport Review

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport combines a stylish body and just over 300 horsepower to deliver a luxury ride that won’t bore you on your commute. If you’re familiar with Lexus’s attempts at making the

CrunchWeek: Zenefits Loves Cash, Everyone’s Watching Apple, And Amazon’s Epic Quarterly Report

Another week has left us in a miasma of earnings, product releases, and something called the Apple Watch. As such, it’s the perfect time to sit around our little round table we keep in the back

Valve’s Launch Of Paid Mods Faces Backlash From Community

PC gaming giant Valve is facing vocal backlash from its community a day after giving developers of game modifications the ability to charge for their work on the Steam platform.

Hands On With PlayStation’s Virtual Reality Headset

Earlier this week, I had a chance to meet with Playstation R&D senior director Richard Marks for a hands-on demo with Project Morpheus, Sony’s attempt at making a virtual reality headset. I got

Onfleet Raises $2M To Provide Infrastructure For Delivery Apps

Between ride-hailing apps, food delivery services, and the random niche services for getting things like massages on-demand, smartphones users in big cities are starting to expect seemingly anything a

Shyp Confirms $50M Raise, Launches Beta Service In Los Angeles

On-demand shipping service Shyp is rolling out its service in Los Angeles today, its fourth city.

EyeEm Raises $18M To Expand Its Photo Marketplace

Photo-sharing startup EyeEm has raised $18 million to accelerate the expansion of its recently launched photo marketplace, CEO Flo Meissner announced on Medium this afternoon. EyeEm's marketplace l

Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbon Will Be At Disrupt NY To Chat About Shipping And Returns

In just a few weeks, Shyp co-founder and CEO Kevin Gibbon will join us at Disrupt to chat about the evolution of on-demand services and the impact easier returns could have on e-commerce as a whole.

Google Announces Certification Program For Cardboard Clones

Google Cardboard has been a surprise hit among early adopters, giving an intentionally cheap, approachable device that opens the door to more people having their first virtual reality experience. P
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