Ingrid Lunden

Ingrid Lunden

Managing Editor, Global

Ingrid is a writer and editor for TechCrunch, joining February 2012, based out of London.

Before TechCrunch, Ingrid worked at, where she was a staff writer, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect.

When it comes to work, she feels most comfortable speaking in English but can also speak Russian, Spanish and French (in descending order of competence).

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Existential risk? Regulatory capture? AI for one and all? A look at what’s going on with AI in the UK

The promise and pitfall of artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. Some say AI will save us: It’s already on the case to fix pernicious health problems, patch up digital divides in ed

OpenAI, Google and a ‘digital anthropologist’: the UN forms a high-level board to explore AI governance

The halls of power are waking up to the potentials and pitfalls of artificial intelligence. The big question will be how much of an impact they will have on the march of progress if (and when) there a

Web Summit confirms Lisbon and Qatar events still on, ex-CEO Paddy Cosgrave has 80% ownership of business

Over the weekend, Paddy Cosgrave and Web Summit made the bombshell announcement that Cosgrave would step down from his post as CEO of the technology conference business — a move made to try to c

Amazon Pharmacy launches its first drone deliveries

Amazon’s Prime Air drone service has been slow to take off for the company, with limited operations in just two locales a whole decade after Amazon first started development of the program. Now,

Prove Identity nabs $40M at a $1B+ valuation to expand in mobile-based authentication tech

Prove Identity, the smartphone-based identity verification startup that originally made its name years ago as Payfone before rebranding in 2020, has raised $40 million. According to sources close to t

Nirvana nabs $57M to make AI inroads into commercial trucking insurance

Nirvana Insurance — an insurance startup taking a new approach to insurance products for commercial fleets using artificial intelligence, telematics, internet-of-things technology and 15 billion

Web Summit derailed by founder’s public fight with those supporting Israel in Hamas war

Web Summit, the big tech conference brand that runs events in several cities and whose 70,000 person flagship event in Lisbon is taking place next month, is running into a wall — a wall of outra

LinkedIn confirms it will cut a further 668 jobs, bringing the total to nearly 1,400 this year

Earlier this month, LinkedIn announced that it would roll out a raft of new AI-powered tools across the business. Today, it’s making a different kind of announcement focused on the future: The c

Xpanceo, a deep tech startup, raises $40M to focus on smart contact lenses

Smartphone sales have had their worst quarterly performance in over a decade, a fact that raises two big questions. Have the latest models finally bored the market with mere incremental improvements?

Israel’s startup ecosystem: Down but not out

The world is still coming to terms with Hamas’ deadly attacks on Israelis last weekend — and everything else that has unfolded so far in the aftermath, including the barrage of retaliation str

Telegram CEO, a criticised but cited source of Hamas videos, says app will continue to host ‘war-related content’

As social platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Meta and TikTok face off with regulators and the theater of public opinion for how they are handling incendiary and graphic content, disinformation, writ

Lanch, which creates food delivery brands for influencers, gobbles up $6.9M

Two of the biggest drivers of growth on social and e-commerce platforms have been food and influencers, so it should come as no surprise that startups are now getting in on the act in trying to combin

EyeEm, the photo marketplace, changes hands as Freepik picks it up out of bankruptcy

EyeEm, the Berlin-based photo marketplace, was once loftily thought of as a possible challenger to Instagram in Europe. More recently has fallen on much harder times, and now it has a new owner. Freep

Linda Yaccarino responds to EU: 700 Community Notes, 5K+ images shared on Israel-Hamas war, ‘thousands’ of pieces of content removed

X, the social platform formerly known as Twitter, came under fire earlier this week in Europe, when European Commissioner Thierry Breton sent a stark open letter to the company warning it of its failu

UK regulator takes first steps to investigate the $19B Vodafone/Three mobile merger

When Vodafone and Hutchison-owned Three in the U.K. announced their plan to merge in a non-cash deal to create a $19 billion mega mobile operator in June of this year, we noted that it would likely fa

SumUp’s valuation falls as low as $4.1B, as Groupon and others sell off their stakes

Adyen lost $13 billion in market cap last month when investors scrambled to sell shares after the payments company missed quarterly revenue targets. But it’s not the only one facing the music in

As its workers strike, Kaiser Permanente strikes a deal for physicians to use an AI copilot from Nabla

Yesterday, 75,000 workers at healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente embarked on a three-day strike to protest understaffing, burnout and low wages — setting a record for the biggest healthcare strik

Habyt, an Airbnb-style platform aimed at longer stays and ‘flexible living,’ raises $42M

When it comes to visiting new cities, Airbnb changed the game for people who might have previously considered only hotels or guest houses: now, flexible alternatives in private homes, powered by a mod

LinkedIn goes big on new AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing and sales, powered by OpenAI

LinkedIn — the Microsoft-owned social platform for those networking for work or recruitment — is now 21 years old, an aeon in the world of technology. To stay current with what the working

Unitary AI picks up $15M for its multimodal approach to video content moderation

Content moderation continues to be a contentious topic in the world of online media. New regulations and public concern are likely to keep it as a priority for many years to come. But weaponized AI an
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