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Kiddo picks up $16M for a kids’ wearable aimed at four chronic conditions

Kiddo, formally known as Good Parents Inc., announced a $16 million Series A round on Tuesday. Through a combination of wearables, parental coaching and telehealth, the company has its sights firmly s

How Cerebral and Alto Neuroscience embarked on an at-home clinical trial for depression

Before the pandemic forced remote work, school and research to the forefront, decentralized clinical trials were probably on the horizon. Now, they’re here in earnest.  This week, precision psychia

Prellis Biologics raises $14.5M, debuts a ‘human immune system’ in a dish

Prellis Biologics, a company developing the tools to create 3D-printed organs, announced a $14.5 million Series B round on Wednesday. Prellis has spent years developing tissue engineering capacity, bu

Nucleus Genomics announces $3.5M seed round for a fresh take on genetic tests

When COVID-19 closed down most of society in 2020, Kian Sadeghi, like many of his then-classmates at the University of Pennsylvania, found himself holed up in his bedroom. He prefers it that way.  Du

Proov raises $9.7M Series A for at-home ovulation testing platform

MFB Fertility, the creator of a suite of at-home pregnancy-related hormone tests, announced a $9.7 million Series A round this week. The round follows several milestones for the company, including an

Garner Health raises $45M Series B for ‘totally objective’ doctor review service

When you shop for a holiday gift, you probably read at least one review. Garner Health’s bet is when you look for a doctor, you’ll want to do the same thing — but you’ll find that existing

HelloHero raises $7.7M seed round for an online ‘healthcare system’ for kids’ therapy

In a field that ranges from text therapy and AI chat bots, to guided meditation, some mental health startups are pursuing a different niche: therapy for kids. And kids only.  HelloHero, a company foc

Nabla Bio raises $11M for an “end-to-end” antibody design platform

Nabla Bio, a Boston, Massachusetts based startup, announced a $11 million seed round on Monday. The company, founded in May 2020, is looking to enter the increasingly competitive space of antibody des

UK-based mental health provider ieso raises $53M armed with an ‘unprecedented’ data set

U.K.-based digital therapy company ieso announced a $53 million Series B round on Tuesday. The round is the funding the company needs to move in a brand new direction: creating more intuitive autonomo

Generate Biomedicines raises $370M Series B with a focus on protein-based drugs

The drug development space is continuing to attract more and more investment. On Thursday, another major player, Generate Biomedicines, announced a $370 million Series B round.  Generate Biomedicines

EasyHealth, a startup targeting the Medicare experience, announces $135M Series A

EasyHealth, a startup focused on navigating the Medicare experience, announced a $135 million Series A round on Thursday. EasyHealth has a simple purpose: to help enroll, and follow-up with (more on t

H1 closes $100M Series C on the back of ‘incredible traction’ and a successful first use case

Fresh off of a $58 million Series B round, and just one year after graduating from Y combinator, H1, a “LinkedIn for the healthcare industry” has raised even more cash. On Tuesday, the company ann

Nirvana Health announces $7.5M seed extension to help therapists navigate a ‘new world’ of insurance

As funding pours into mental health tech, one thing remains relatively unchanged: complex insurance billing. Now, even that medieval process is starting to attract startup interest — from compan

Trialjectory on track to match 50K cancer patients with clinical trials this year: 35% are from underrepresented groups

Each year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. Meanwhile, hundreds of clinical trials testing potential treatments are ongoing. But there’s a gap between the people who need treatment and t

Frequency Therapeutics redesigns study after disappointing Phase 2 results, debuts new hearing loss and MS drugs

In Frequency Therapeutics’ short lifetime as a company, it’s had its ups and downs. On Tuesday, during an R&D event day, the company unleashed a slew of announcements that add context to the d

Flagship Pioneering’s new venture is betting on tRNA to treat ‘thousands of diseases’

On Tuesday, Flagship Pioneering, the major investor behind Moderna, announced yet another addition to their portfolio of RNA-curious companies. Following a year of hype around mRNA, a new company, cal

Immunai announces a $215M Series B as its ‘immune cell atlas’ matures

Biotech startup Immunai has been on a roll when it comes to funding. The company that set out to create an atlas of the human immune system in 2018 had raised about $80 million by February 2021. On We

Anomaly announces $17M in funding to tackle a $300B healthcare problem

Anomaly, a company looking to simplify medical billing, announced a $12 million Series A round on Tuesday. Anomaly is a young company — it was only founded in 2020. But it has its eye set on an

UK startup Healx to begin clinical trial on repositioned drug for Fragile X syndrome

There are currently no approved cures for Fragile X syndrome — the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability. At the moment, the treatments are designed to manage symptoms, from anx

Overwatch Research closes $3.5 million seed round to tackle a foundational preclinical research problem

Overwatch Research, a company creating workflow software for medical research, announced a $3.5 million seed round on Tuesday. This round of funding will help Overwatch expand its presence into the U.
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