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VTS Raises $21M To Bring Big Data To Commercial Real Estate

VTS, a commercial real estate management platform previously known as View The Space, has raised $21 million in new funding to help real estate owners, brokers and investors leverage data to make bet

Wi-Fi Aware Aims To Connect All Your Devices Instantly

WiFi is getting a big upgrade today, thanks to three years of joint research and development by the world’s largest tech companies. The new technology, called Wi-Fi Aware, is being released by the W

Jewelbots Is A Friendship Bracelet That Teaches Girls How To Code

Jewelbots, a programmable friendship bracelet that debuted on Kickstarter last week, is on a mission to make coding popular among pre-teen girls. Jewelbots surpassed its $30,000 crowdfunding goal in

Shipster, The On-Demand Shipping Service For Businesses, Expands To SF

Shipster, a logistics startup that will ship practically anything on-demand for business clients, is launching today in San Francisco. After launching in New York in November, Shipster is currentl

Wix Launches WixEd, A Free Online School For Website Design

DIY website creator Wix wants to make starting a career in web design as easy as it’s made building your own site. Today, the company is launching WixEd, a free online education program that teac

YC-Backed Transcend Launches An Extra Efficient LED Light For Indoor Farmers

Transcend Lighting, one of the more unconventional startups accepted into Y Combinator’s latest cohort, is launching out of beta today to bring its energy-saving LED lights to indoor farmers e

LANDR Drums Up $6.2 Million To Master Music With Big Data

For every musician who’s ever wanted their SoundCloud track to sound like it was produced by Timbaland, LANDR, a startup applying big data analytics to music mastering, has raised $6.2 millio

Priceline Pours $60 Million Into Brazil’s Hotel Urbano

Hotel Urbano, a hotel search and booking platform and one of Brazil’s fastest growing startups, has raised an additional $60 million in strategic funding from discount travel conglomerate Priceline

AffinityLive Picks Up $2 Million To Save Project-Based Workers From Time Sheets

For designers, lawyers, accountants, and all other types of project-based workers, managing time and billing clients is an inevitable hassle. With a fresh $2 million in seed funding, AffinityLive want

After 55 Million Downloads, Dots Gets A Major Upgrade

Dots, the incredibly basic but addicting mobile game created by gaming studio Playdots, is getting its first major upgrade in over a year. Dots now features three new themes: Space, Mod Synth, and D

Fatigue Science Lets Pro Sports Teams Track Their Athletes’ Sleep

As wearable activity trackers get increasingly smart and complex, Fatigue Science is measuring one thing and one thing only — how we sleep. Fatigue Science’s Readiband looks very similar to a Fi

Sweetgreen Harvests $35 Million To Satisfy Millennial Salad Cravings

Trendy farm-to-table salad shop sweetgreen has raised $35 million in additional venture funding to scale its healthy and affordable restaurant chain nationwide. The most recent cash infusion, led b

Making Nonprofits SaaS-Savvy, Classy Raises $18 Million

Classy, a San Diego-based startup, has raised $18 million in new funding from Mithril Capital Management and Salesforce Ventures to bring nonprofits and social enterprises into the digital age. Cla

YC-Backed Is For Coding, a startup in Y Combinator’s current class, is launching today to help coders learn from their peers in real time. The way Livecoding works is pretty simple. Developers stream live

Parrot Unveils 13 New Minidrones That Jump And Glide For Under $189

Parrot unveiled 13 new minidrones this week, all for under $189. The terrestrial "Jumping" drone got a major upgrade, with LED lights for nighttime driving, an internal 4GB memory to record video,

With $3 Million From Castlight, Lyra Health Is Bringing Big Data To Mental Health Care

One in five Americans suffers from a diagnosable mental health or substance disorder, but 70 percent are undiagnosed. This fact prompted David Ebersman, former CFO of Facebook and Genentech, to launch

With $13 Million From Maveron, Eargo Is The Hearing Aid Of The Future

After five years of research and $13 million in venture funding, Eargo has created a hearing device that people actually want to wear. Launching out of beta today, Eargo’s invisible, rechargeabl

Backed By Spark Capital, Andela Will Develop A Continent Of Tech Talent

Genius is evenly distributed; opportunity is not. That truth is the driving principle behind Andela, a startup currently building a network of top tier computer science education programs across the A

Astro Launches Its First Smart Home Product For Apartment Dwellers

Astro, a newcomer to the connected home space, is launching its first product today for apartment dwellers and renters in big cities. Twist is a wirelessly-controlled LED light bulb, with a built-in

Givesurance Will Turn Your Insurance Payments Into Charitable Donations

Givesurance, a startup that helps users donate a cut of their insurance premiums to charity, is launching out of beta today. Users provide Givesurance with the name of their insurance company, poli
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