Chris Velazco

Chris Velazco

Chris Velazco is a mobile enthusiast and writer who studied English and Marketing at Rutgers University. Once upon a time, he was the news intern for MobileCrunch, and in between posts, he worked in wireless sales at Best Buy.

After graduating, he returned to the new TechCrunch to as a full-time mobile writer. He counts advertising, running, musical theater, and soup among his myriad interests.

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Samsung Launches Five SDKs To Lure Developers Into Its Hardware Web

Samsung kicked off its first Developer Conference in San Francisco today, and the Korean tech juggernaut is eager to show just how much it cares about the devs building apps and services for its hardw

YC Alum Kicksend Inks Mobile Photo Printing Deal With Walmart

Mobile photography startup <a target="_blank" href="">Kicksend</a> has spent the last year inking partnerships with brick and mortar retail chains like Walgreens, Target, and CV

The Nexus 5 Gets A New Color And A New Rumored Launch Date

There really isn't much we<em> don't</em> know about Google and LG's new Nexus 5 at this point -- a leaked service manual blew the door open on plenty of technical details, and Google even "accidental

Social Scheduling Tool Buffer Gets Hacked, Floods Twitter And Facebook With Weight Loss Spam

If you're a user of social media scheduling app Buffer, there's a good chance that your Saturday morning has been less than relaxing. There have been numerous reports circulating today purporting that

Mobile Payments Startup Flint Raises $6M Series B Led By Digicel Group

Mobile payments startup <a target="_blank" href="">Flint</a> has been keeping a low profile for <a href="">much of this year</a>, but it's l

Breather Aims To Launch Its Network Of On-Demand Rooms In New York In Early 2014

There's no denying that New York is full of coffee shops and coworking spaces where a person can hunker down and get things done, but there's something to be said about a little privacy. And that's th

TechCrunch TL;DR: Apple’s October Keynote In A Nutshell

Apple wrapped its October event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco earlier today and, as promised, there was plenty to dig into. We've pumped out plenty of stories dissecting Apple's myriad an

Meet Apple’s New iPad Mini With Retina Display, Prices Start At $399

Considering that Apple's invitation proclaimed that were was <a href="">"a lot to cover"</a> today, it c

Emu’s Android Texting App Makes Your SMS Conversations Smarter

I know, I know: these days it seems like nearly everyone and their mother is trying to cash in on the mobile messaging app craze. And at first glance, a new Android messaging app called <a target="_bl

Nokia Pledges Allegiance To Windows RT With The $499 Lumia 2520 Tablet

Microsoft is dead-set on keeping Windows RT with devices like the Surface 2, but now that it’s committed to shelling out $7.2 billion for Nokia’s devices business, the folks in Redmond hav

Nokia Unleashes Two New Phablets, The Flagship Lumia 1520 And The Budget Lumia 1320

Well folks, this probably won't come as much of a shock, but those persistent rumors of a pair of Nokia Lumia phablets were true after all. Nokia officially pulled back the curtains on the Lumia 1520

BlackBerry’s BBM Will Hit iOS And Android Today, One Month After Botched Launch

Hey, remember when BlackBerry was going to officially roll out BBM for iOS and Android a few weekends ago only to be stymied by technical issues? At the time it was yet another dark mark on BlackBerry

Occipital Raises $1M (And Counting) On Kickstarter To Bring 3D Scanning To The Masses

Boulder & SF-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">Occipital </a>is probably still best known for its Red Laser and 360Panorama apps, but it confirmed today that it rais

Automatic Link Review Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Realtime Driving Feedback

I have something to get off my chest: I live in New Jersey, so by definition that makes me a "Jersey driver". I’ve never thought of myself as the sort of manically aggressive road warrior that befit

Google Beats The Street In Q3 With $14.89B In Revenue, Net Income Of $2.97B, And EPS Of $10.74

Google's Q3 2013 earnings report has just crossed the wires, and they're better than expected. The company reported that over the past three months it generated $14.89 billion in consolidated revenue

Intel Beats The Street In Q3 2013 With $13.5 Billion In Revenue And $0.53 EPS

Well, it's that time again -- famed chipmaker Intel has just reported its <a target="_blank" href="

Amazon Has Reportedly Teamed Up With HTC For Its New Line Of Smartphones

HTC isn't exactly doing<a href=""><em> great</em> these days</a>, but that may change if a new (and secretive) partnership pans out. A new

BlackBerry Reaffirms It Isn’t Gone Just Yet In An Open Letter To Customers

BlackBerry is currently dealing with some serious, serious issues -- no one wanted its <a href="

LG May Fire Back At Samsung With Its Own Curvy Smartphone Next Month

And the seemingly age-old war between LG and Samsung continues. This time the battle is centered around curved displays on smartphones -- Samsung has already shown its hand with the <a href="https://f

Google’s New Plan To Highlight Android Tablet Apps Starts On November 21

Android plays host to some impressive tablet apps -- I'm partial to IMDb and Flipboard to name just a few -- but I've all too often downloaded an app only to discover that it's a regular phone app sca
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