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Carly Page

Reporter, Cybersecurity

Carly Page covers the cybersecurity beat for TechCrunch. She is a freelance technology journalist with more than a decade of experience in the industry, and served as editor of The INQUIRER from 2012 to 2019. You can reach her at

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Security researchers observed ‘deliberate’ takedown of notorious Mozi botnet

Security researchers say they have observed what they believe is a takedown of the notorious Mozi botnet that infiltrated more than a million Internet of Things devices worldwide. In research shared w

US-led cybersecurity coalition vows to not pay hackers’ ransom demands

The U.S. government and dozens of foreign allies have pledged never to pay ransom demands in a bid to discourage financially motivated hackers and ransomware gangs profiteering from cyberattacks. The

Why ransomware victims can’t stop paying off hackers

In September, MGM Resorts was hit by a devastating ransomware attack, downing operations at some of its most iconic casino hotels in Las Vegas, including the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and the Cosmopolita

Apple fixes bug that undermined iOS privacy feature for years

Apple has fixed a years-old vulnerability in its iPhone and iPad software that undermined a privacy feature since it first debuted. Back in 2020, Apple announced a new feature in iOS 14 that would pre

Google adds generative AI threats to its bug bounty program

Google has expanded its vulnerability rewards program (VRP) to include attack scenarios specific to generative AI. In an announcement shared with TechCrunch ahead of publication, Google said: “We be

Authorities confirm RagnarLocker ransomware taken down during international sting

An international group of law enforcement agencies have disrupted the notorious RagnarLocker ransomware operation. TechCrunch reported Thursday that an international law enforcement operation involvin

International Criminal Court says cyberattack was attempted espionage

The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s only permanent international court with a mandate to investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, has determined th

Hackers exploit zero-day to compromise tens of thousands of Cisco devices

Hackers have exploited an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in Cisco’s networking software to compromise tens of thousands of devices, researchers have warned. Cisco on Monday issued an advisory warn

Russia and China-backed hackers are exploiting WinRAR zero-day bug

Google security researchers say they have found evidence that government-backed hackers linked to Russia and China are exploiting a since-patched vulnerability in WinRAR, the popular shareware archivi

Amazon quietly rolls out support for passkeys, with a catch

Amazon has quietly rolled out support for passkeys as it becomes the latest tech giant to join the passwordless future. But you still might have to hold onto your Amazon password for a little while lo

Shadow silent on data breach as hacked data appears genuine

A data breach at French cloud gaming provider Shadow may be worse than the company initially suggested, according to a sample of the stolen data seen by TechCrunch. In an email sent to affected custom

Cloud gaming firm Shadow says hackers stole customers’ personal data

French technology company Shadow has confirmed a data breach involving customers’ personal information. The Paris-headquartered startup, which offers gaming through its cloud-based PC service, s

SEC is investigating MOVEit mass-hack, says Progress Software

U.S. securities regulators have opened a probe into the MOVEit mass-hack that has exposed the personal data of at least 64 million people, according to the company that made the affected software. In

State-backed hackers are exploiting new ‘critical’ Atlassian zero-day bug

Microsoft says Chinese state-backed hackers are exploiting a “critical”-rated zero-day vulnerability in Atlassian software to break into customer systems. The technology giant’s threat i

Google makes passkeys the default sign-in method for all users

Google has announced that passkeys, touted by the tech giant as the “beginning of the end” for passwords, are becoming the default sign-in method for all users. Passkeys are a phishing-resistant a

Lyca Mobile says customer data was stolen during cyberattack

U.K.-based Lyca Mobile has confirmed intruders accessed customers’ personal information after breaking into its systems. Lyca Mobile, the London-headquartered mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)

MGM Resorts confirms hackers stole customers’ personal data during cyberattack

MGM Resorts has confirmed hackers stole an unspecified amount of customers’ personal information during a September cyberattack that will cost the hotel and casino giant an estimated $100 millio

Qakbot hackers are still spamming victims despite FBI takedown

The hackers behind Qakbot, a notorious malware operation that was recently “dismantled” by the FBI, are still active and continue to target new victims, researchers say. The FBI announced in Augus

Lyca Mobile blames cyberattack for network disruption

U.K.-based mobile virtual network provider giant Lyca Mobile has confirmed a cyberattack that caused service disruption for millions of its customers. Lyca Mobile claims to be the world’s largest in

Motel One says ransomware gang stole customer credit card data

Motel One, one of Europe’s largest hotel chains, has confirmed it was the target of a ransomware attack that saw hackers access customer data. Motel One is a low-budget German hotel chain that opera
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