Co-streaming rolls out to all creators on Facebook Gaming

Co-streaming is rolling out to all users on Facebook’s game-streaming platform Facebook Gaming. The feature will allow users to team up and stream with one another, while enabling viewers to navigate between co-streams and choose which perspective they’d like to see the action from.

The feature had previously only been available to streamers in the service’s partner program but is now seeing a wider release. The feature is currently limited to four co-streamers at one time.

“With co-streaming, we aim to increase discoverability for creators, encourage collaboration between creators and elevate the overall viewing experience for everyone,” a company blog post reads.

Facebook Gaming has been slowly bulking up its capabilities as it aims to grab a bigger slice of the game-streaming duopoly currently dominated by Alphabet’s YouTube Gaming and Amazon’s Twitch. It’s been doing a pretty solid job eating away at YouTube Gaming’s growth but Twitch still looms large in both hours streamed and hours watched. A big part of Facebook Gaming’s strategy for chipping away at that lead has been building out a substantial partner program of streamers with a close relationship to the company that are there to test and give feedback on new programs like co-streaming.