Tell us who designed your startup’s brand

Before people ever use or buy your product, they’ll interact with your brand. What does your company stand for? How is your product different? Branding is an often overlooked, but essential component of communicating your company’s values, connecting with potential customers and, ultimately, driving conversions.  

But finding the right brand designer is hard. Depending on your budget, industry and scope, brand designer and brand agency services can vary widely. It’s a niche community, and brand designers who thrive in chaotic, fast-paced startup environments are rare.

We’re demystifying the world of brand design by covering how companies like Intercom approach their brand identity, and asking founders, like you, to nominate a talented brand designer or agency with whom they’ve collaborated. We’ll be publishing more branding articles, guest posts by industry experts and brand designer profiles in the weeks to come, but we need your help. We’re relying on your recommendations to identify which brand designers and agencies to feature.

We’re especially looking for people who have experience in these three categories:

  • Visual brand identity: Conveying a startup’s core values through its logo, colors, typography, graphics and other visual elements
  • UX/UI design: Designing how a company’s brand is expressed through user experience and user interface elements, such as colors, shapes, fonts, illustrations and icons
  • Brand narrative and strategy: Developing a startup’s story and a plan for how it is internally and externally communicated

We’re also interested in understanding how much time you’ve worked with a designer or agency, whether you’d recommend them to a friend and examples of their work.

Brand design is just one of our latest initiatives to identify the best service providers for startups. As we develop a shortlist of the top brand designers and agencies in the world, we’ll be asking them about their design philosophy, brand development process, rates and fees, and more. We’ll publish their profiles (along with your recommendations) on Extra Crunch.  

We’ll continue updating our database of brand designers on a rolling basis, but in the meantime, help us share this article and nominate a brand designer or agency you know and love.

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