Episode 3 of ‘Bubbleproof’ sets out to disrupt venture

Silicon Valley doings are easy to make fun of, which is what the mockumentary web series Bubbleproof is trying to do. The series follows Michael Fertik and David Cowan (who co-wrote the series with director Martin Sweeney) in their pursuit of a new venture.

Episode three, “Gurus Just Want to Have Funds,” begins with Cowan lost and alone without Fertik who, as you know if you watched episode 2, suddenly quit the startup life. But what, asks a television newscaster, would Fertik do if he received a no-strings-attached blank check to return to “technology and innovation.”

“It’d have to be egregiously blank.”

Lightbulb! So obviously Cowan sets out to raise “please love me” dollars to support Fertik’s latest venture, which seems to be to disrupt venture.

Watch episode three above. And if you’re just jumping on the Bubbleproof train, be sure to check out episodes one and two.

Correction: The original version of this article omitted Martin Sweeney as a series co-writer.