Volkswagen’s e-Golf gets a range boost to 125 miles for 2017

The e-Golf, Volkswagen’s electric version of its popular compact car, officially gets around 50 percent more range this year than it did in the previous model. That means it now has an EPA rating of 125 miles on a single charge (via Autoblog), compared to 83 miles before. The 125-mile range is still a far cry from the Chevy Bolt’s industry-leading EV range, but the e-Golf is not a vehicle designed for purely electric drivetrains, and it’s also a big enough boost that you can add a few more errands to your daily chore list.

The VW boost is similar to other range additions made by EV makers who are looking to get the most out of advancements in battery tech without completely going back to the drawing board to revamp their car designs. It may not seem like much, but breaking that 100-mile barrier is likely a good way to convince a new category of buyer that they can indeed manage all the driving they need to do on a regular basis without having to stop mid-day to recharge.

Range anxiety is real, and a boost of around 40 miles should actually open up a whole new group of potential customers, alongside other factors that could help drive more EV sales, like increasing familiarity and comfort with the technology among average car buyers.