How to watch Tesla’s solar roof unveiling live

Tesla is having a special event Friday at 5:30 PM PT, and the company is streaming the show live on its website. You can definitely expect to see a brand new solar roof product, as well as Powerwall 2.0, since Elon Musk himself has said those are the focus of the launch.

It’s common practice when Tesla has a launch event for it broadcasts the stream directly from its home page, so that’s your best bet for watching live while the solar roof first sees the light of day (get it?). And there will be light, because the start time of the event has been pushed up slightly to 5:30 PM PT to ensure there is:

Tesla’s solar roof is going to be an actual roofing replacement material, rather than something you add to the roof after the fact. Musk envisions it being used by customers in new home builds, and in situations where an existing roof has reached the end of its life and needs a full replacement.

Previously, Musk talked about how this roof would be integrated not only with a second generation of Tesla’s Powerwall home energy storage battery, but also a Tesla vehicle charger, so that will likely also be part of the unveil. Taken together, it should present a fairly complete look at what Tesla wants to offer customers in terms of a whole-home energy solution, so check back on at 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET to see what’s revealed, and of course we’ll have coverage of everything as it happens here on TechCrunch, too.