It looks like Apple killed its cheapest laptop for consumers

Apple seems to have scrubbed the 11-inch MacBook Air from all of its online stores following its MacBook Pro presentation earlier today, and with that, the death of the 11-inch MacBook Air is official.

At the event, Apple unveiled a series of new laptops, including a thinner and more lightweight 13-inch MacBook Pro — which still had function keys rather than the touchpad in its higher-end models. Apple spent a lot of time comparing it to the 13-inch MacBook Air, but the 11-inch version did not even get a nod.

Instead, it seems like Apple has decided to move on from the model. Originally priced at around $899, the base-level MacBook Air is now the 13-inch for $999, while the 12-inch MacBook costs $1,299. The lower-end MacBook Pro without the touchpad starts at $1,499.

The MacBook Air ushered in a new era for Apple, prioritizing a lightweight laptop experience — with a thin chassis and an extensive battery life — over the clunky nature of the old MacBook Pros. They were also incredibly cheap and served as a great starter device, especially with the 11-inch MacBook Air sliding around $100 below the $1,000 mark. Apple updated the devices regularly, but it seems like it’s trying to move the spotlight to its new devices.

Indeed, Apple touted the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s specs against the 13-inch MacBook Air, emphasizing that it was thinner and lighter — in addition to being more powerful — despite the much-steeper price tag. Apple seems to have tried to keep the same inspirational cues that the MacBook Air brought about, in terms of fast storage and long battery life (the MBP has around a 10-hour battery life). But it seems that the 12-inch MacBook is now the design standard that it is starting off with, and it is ready to ditch some of its aging devices.