Minecraft comes to VR via Oculus Rift next week

Minecraft in virtual reality: It’s a dream for fans of the immersive crafting and world building sim, and it’s going to be a reality for Oculus Rift owners starting next week.

The VR version of the popular Microsoft-owned game was tipped for launch in “the next few weeks” on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta late last month, and was supposed to arrive with the 0.15.6 version of the beta, which is already out. Mojang’s Tommaso Checchi said the VR version of the game developed by his studio will arrive “next week” instead, a slight slip from the original timeline.

Players will have to be using the Beta, as mentioned, which you can luckily get for free on Windows 10 if you already own Minecraft on PC or Mac. Of course, yo still need an Oculus Rift, which will run you an additional $599, and requires that you have a PC powerful enough to run the VR hardware. At least Rift is now shipping in as few as two business days, having gotten through the backlog of pre-orders it experienced at launch.

People who’ve previewed the VR Minecraft experienced seem to generally enjoy it, so it’s likely to be a launch VR fans follow pretty closely. It could even be big enough to drive some additional headset sales – I know I’m considering supplementing my current Vive VR setup with some new Oculus swag.

Via Engadget