The next iPhone might start at 32GB of internal storage

iPhone rumor season is upon us, the latest tidbit has to do with internal storage. According to the WSJ, the next-generation iPhone will start at 32GB of internal storage opposed to the 16GB entry-level option.

If true, this is actually rather surprising. From a user perspective, 32GB at the entry level makes far more sense. At 16GB, including the storage space taken up by the OS itself, there isn’t much room left for photos, movies, music, etc.

This, of course, encouraged users to purchase the 64GB model for $100 more.

While a 32GB iPhone option might not encourage the extra bump to 64GB, it might more effectively combat Samsung on the high-end side of the market. As it is, many are calling the Samsung Galaxy S7 some of the best mobile hardware on the market, and that phone (along with many competitive Android smartphones) starts at 32GB of onboard memory.

That said, competitively speaking, storage is only a small factor when taking on other smartphone makers. Sources also say that Apple is working on improving the camera in both sizes of the next-gen iPhone.

Other iPhone rumors include a thinner design, removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and improved water resistance.

Of course, we can’t confirm anything about the new iPhone until Apple unveils it in the fall.