Republican FCC Commissioner Says Silicon Valley Should Revisit Net Neutrality

Should entrepreneurs support network neutrality?

Not according to Ajit Pai, FCC Commissioner and outspoken critic of the Title II regulation which has been proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Pai, a Republican appointee, sees this proposed legislation as an attempt to stifle innovation. Pai would, indeed, like Title II to become an issue in the upcoming election – as a way of distinguishing (in his mind at least) pro entrepreneurial Republicans from Democratic regulators.

Like Lanhee Chen and other pro business Republicans, Pai suggests that Silicon Valley might be advised to break free from the traditional orthodoxies – like Network Neutrality – of the Democratic party.

\But Pai isn’t just a Title II opponent. He also has controversial views on spectrum, access and many other of the hot digital issues that will dominate the 2016 election.

Like his fellow commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Pai is committed to modernizing the FCC and making it relevant to Silicon Valley.

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