Don Bluth Is Crowdfunding A Dragon’s Lair Movie

Hey, 10-year-old me. What’s up. Yeah, we got fat. Sorry. I’m working on it though. Trust me: we’re living a good life right now.

Anyway, I wanted to travel back in time to tell you that that Don Bluth is making a Dragon’s Lair movie. That’s right: it’s a movie based on the video game that cost way too much per play to warrant your parents shelling out the quarters. I don’t have much to tell you right now but Bluth and his buddy Gary Goldman are basically redoing the story in Bluth’s inimitable style for the “big screen” which mean they are taking it to Hollywood producers who will probably poo-poo the idea of an animated film in this day and age but dammit if this isn’t Dragon’s Lair.

So here’s what’s up: they’re basically asking people to fund the movie itself which will appear in theaters. For $125 you get a Blu-Ray copy of the movie but the cheaper pledges are more about giving Bluth and company a leg up and less about getting to see the movie early. As a result the Kickstarter< pledges are a little weird (for $75 you get “A secure access to download the finished video pitch presentation. (Reward also includes previous tier rewards.”) but let’s give Don the benefit of the doubt. They are trying to raise $550,000 and they’re on their way there.

10-year-old me: Ultimately this movie is important because it’s Dragon’s Lair, it’s really cool, and Don Bluth is putting it together. While you probably don’t understand crowdfunding right now, rest assured that this is one great way for a genius like Bluth to fund his movie.

Oh, by the the way, 10-year-old me, Rebecca in grade 9 really likes you. You should probably try to go steady. Or just wait emulators to get popular so you can play Dragon’s Lair at home. That will be your go-to move until college anyway. Good luck and here’s hoping we get to see the movie!