Fly Or Die: AKG N90Q

The AKG N90Q headphones are, in short, awesome.

Harman has long been one of the top names in audio, but its newest pair of over-ear headphones — the latest in Quincy Jones’ signature line — add a new type of technology called TruNote, which uses microphones to tailor music to your environment. And it goes beyond loud cars driving by or noise from being on a plane, but actually detects the anatomy of the ear and tailors the audio accordingly.

The N90Q’s TruNote technology uses two microphones in each ear cup to measure the frequency response while you are wearing the headphones. It then adjusts the sound to correct it for any external background noise or other distortion (including anatomy of your ear) that could affect how you’re hearing the music.

The headphones also let you switch sound options, emulating a standard listening experience, 2.1 speaker studio audio or 5.1 speaker surround sound.

Additionally, the headphones can connect to a sound source via USB to provide full HD audio playback.

But luxury comes at a cost. The AKG N90Q go for $1,500, and are likely only a responsible purchasing decision for folks who work in the music industry.

That said, two flies for folks who wear headphones professionally.

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