TC AppleCast 15: Stealing Time And WWDC Predictions

On this week’s AppleCast, we discuss the overblown reaction to the news (gasp!) that people might steal your Apple Watch. There’s also more news coming in about potential Apple TV features, and the rumor mill in general is heating up ahead of WWDC, so we make some predictions about what we’ll see there, in terms of Apple TV, WatchKit and other potential developments.

We’re actually kind of split on how big of a deal Apple Watch lacking an Activation Lock really is, but the consensus is that it probably isn’t an omission that will remain long. Apple knows that adding that kind of feature can significantly affect theft rates, and is probably already at work on something or Watch OS 2.0.

As for WWDC, it’s looking more and more likely like we’ll see it act as a launchpad for whatever Apple’s streaming music offering turns out to be. We also all agree that new Apple TV hardware should break cover there, and that we’ll hear a lot more about Watch software development. Specifically, it seems likely the native development framework will be introduced at this heavily developer-focused event.

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