Atlassian Updates JIRA Service Desk, Now The Fastest Growing Product In Its 13-Year History

Atlassian, the company behind popular products like JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, today launched a new version of JIRA Service Desk with a couple of interesting new features, as well as a new annual licence for companies with more than 100 agents on the system.

JIRA Service Desk, the more mainstream version of Atlassian’s flagship JIRA issue and project tracking service for IT departments, is now the company’s fastest growing product in its 13-year history.

Atlassian has always been very focused on the developer market, it is slowly establishing itself in other markets as well and Service Desk is a good example for this. As the company’s President Jay Simons told me earlier this year, Atlassian has seen a lot of growth for both JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence from businesses that aren’t traditionally software shops, including banks and hotel chains. They often use the service across their IT, HR, finance and accounting teams.

Maybe it’s no surprise then that Service Desk is doing especially well. While JIRA makes it easy for developer teams to track bugs, Service Desk is geared toward anybody in a company who may need an issue tracker, whether that’s internal teams or customer-facing ones.

With this new version of JIRA Service Desk, Atlassian is introducing features like universal search and an easier setup procedure, as well as a self-service portal that a company’s departments can use to manage the service without the need for IT to get involved. Also new is an unlimited $45,000 per year license for companies with more than 100 employees on the system.

Atlassian says it now has about 43,000 customers with millions of daily active users on its systems. The company currently has about 1,300 employees and expects to add 500 more by the end of this year.

To celebrate its 13th birthday, the company hosted an internal 24-hour hackathon. At a similar event a few years ago, the company’s co-founder Farquhar teamed up with a small team to prototype what has now become Service Desk.