TC GameCast Episode 4: Bargains, Free-To-Play, And Trends In AAA

tc gamecast

After taking a break for the holidays and CES, the TC GameCast returns with an episode about getting your money’s worth in gaming.

We discussed Batman: Arkham Origins and Deadpool, two games that didn’t get the best reception when they first launched. We recently picked them up at heavily discounted prices on Steam and Amazon and were pleasantly surprised by what we got.

We also debated the state of iOS gaming. Ed Zitron says free-to-play gaming has brought the App Store to a low point, while Darrell Etherington and myself argue high-quality indie games and ports of games from other platforms make the iPhone great for gamers willing to actually pay for games.

Looking back at 2014 (and to 2013, to a lesser extent), we agreed that it’s been a rough couple of years for mainstream gamers. While some small- to mid-budget developer continue to innovate, the biggest franchises are cranking out generic worlds with forgettable multiplayer.