Mixify’s Clubcast Service To Live Stream DJs Goes Global With Indian Launch

Mixify, the live streaming service connecting big-ticket DJs to clubs around the world, is seeing its Clubcast service take off with DJs like Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, and Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest joining the platform.

It’s the low-end theory writ large, with the company’s Clubcast service now also breaking beats for dancers from Miami Beach to Mumbai with the launch of the company’s services in India, where Mixify hopes it can tap the more than 225 million electronic dance music fans currently living on the subcontinent.

Dropping the needle on the company’s first shows, Mixify is bringing in the big (at least for EDM) guns — Steve Aoki and Cosmic Gate are performing exclusively for the company’s inaugural showcase in the country.

The New York-based company is a way for fans to hear exclusive sets that are streamed from an artist’s location anywhere in the world through a two-way high-definition video and audio feed. Think of it (if you must) like a private room for beats.

When it launched earlier this year, Mixify was running two-to-four streamed club shows a month. Now, that number is on track to hit multiple shows in 40 venues across Canada, Grenada, Argentina, the Cayman Islands, Australia and the U.S.

Backed by ace investors like the Australian based CMB Capital, Tim McGee and Richard Mergler of Ministry of Sound Australia and Tommy Trash, DJ and Grammy Award nominated producer, Mixify asserts that the company’s business is expanding at the right time. Attendees to electronic music festivals hit a record 3.4 million ticket buyers in 2013, up from 1.9 million in 2009. Using Mixify allows the company to expand beyond that base and reach fans who wouldn’t have access to big festivals or concerts in their own cities.

“With the growing demand worldwide, it’s becoming more of a challenge to catch your favorite DJ live, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t draw a lot of touring DJs. We’re out to get fans from all over the world better access to their favorite artists, while maintaining the personalized experience between those artists and their fans,” said David Moricca, founder and CEO of Mixify, in a statement.

Going forward, expect to see the company spending more time in emerging markets. “We’re especially interested in markets that artists tour less frequently or have higher barriers to entry, like India and East Asia. The most recent total market worth for Electronic dance music is $6 billion, per a new report issued at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, Spain Wednesday (May 21),” Moricca wrote in an email.