You Can Now Watch (Some) Shows On Hulu For Android Without Hulu Plus


Up until today, Hulu’s mobile app was mostly useless for anyone who didn’t want to cough up 8 bucks a month for Hulu Plus. You were free to watch ad-supported shows on your computer’s browser — but once you went mobile, you were out of luck.

Seems Hulu is reconsidering that approach.

In an update pushed to the Google Play store today, Hulu’s Android app has picked up the ability to watch select shows without requiring you to be on Hulu Plus.

Will you be able to watch everything that Hulu has to offer? Nah — you’ll only get the last episode or two of each show that would normally be available without a Plus account on And even there, it sounds like licensing quirks have prevented some shows from making the jump to free on mobile.

But free stuff is free stuff — and next time you’re bored on the bus and are just dying to watch Gordon Ramsay critique some kitchen/hotel/delicious-looking-food-you-can’t-eat, you’ll be glad to know this works now.

No word yet on whether other platforms will be getting similar access.