Motorola’s Amazing Budget Smartphone Is Now Available With 4G

The Motorola G is a helluva a deal, and it just got better. The budget phone is now available in the U.S. with 4G for just $219. Unlocked and not tied to a carrier contract. And that’s awesome. You should buy five.

The Motorola G is the firm’s budget handset that will not break any benchmark records or win design awards. Yet it packs all the goods needed to qualify it as a quality handset. It’s without question one of the best phones on the market for the money. The non-4G version costs $179, which is less than you’ll pay for many phones locked to a carrier. But now, for a few dollars more, you can order a version with a 4G LTE option.

The new version of the phone is in stock and available in white or black.

The Moto G and Moto X are the silent underdogs in the mobile game right now. Both offer a lot even when the price is not considered. But when the price is considered, the phones should shoot up to the top of most shoppers’ lists. Since both are available unlocked at a fair price, they’re available directly from the now-Lenovo subsidiary and can be used on any carrier operating GSM networks — like AT&T.

This strategy closely matches Lenovo’s long-standing carrier-agnostic viewpoint. If anything, now under Lenovo’s care, Motorola’s products should maintain their low price points while offering more competitive hardware.