Facebook’s Dan Levy On Small Biz Outreach — And How He Became A Homeowner Thanks To FB Ads

Facebook just began a series of small business-focused local events, and at Tuesday’s kickoff in New York, I had a chance to speak to the company’s director of small business Dan Levy.

Levy had just that announced that there are now 30 million small businesses with active Facebook Pages, so our conversation was a chance to get more details on Facebook’s efforts in this area. One of the key things that businesses need to understand, he said, was that, “If you know how to use Facebook as a person, you can use it as a business.”

In addition, I got to ask him about one of the anecdotes that he’d shared on-stage — that he actually found his first house thanks to a Facebook ad (and he later ran Facebook ads to sell it).

One topic that I didn’t bring up was the declining organic reach of Facebook Pages. Levy had actually discussed the issue during an earlier Q&A session with journalists, when he said that Facebook is focused on doing “what’s right for the people on Facebook.”