Watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 E3 2014 Press Conference Here

Tune back on Monday, June 9 at 6:00 pm PDT to watch Sony’s E3 press conference. Sony will also broadcast the conference in 40-50 movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

Last year, Sony’s E3 conference was all about the PlayStation 4. The console had yet to launch, and many gamers were eagerly waiting for the successor to the PS3. But this year, Sony shouldn’t be announcing any new console. So far, the company has sold 7 million PS4 units, but the PS3 is still the console of choice for many gamers.

That’s why the company will mostly focus on new content for the PS4. There should be a few announcements of exclusive games of Sony franchises — maybe a God of War game, or a new Gran Turismo episode. Naughty Dog probably put together a teaser for a new game as well.

The company needs to convince people to switch from an Xbox 360 or PS3 to a PS4. And of course, Sony will tell you that you should pick the PS4 over the Xbox One.

As for the PSP Vita, it wasn’t a commercial success. It’s unlikely that the company will double down on the portable console in the age of smartphones, tablets and Nintendo consoles. You can expect a couple of game trailers.

And then, there is the rumored virtual reality headset. Back in March, the company unveiled Project Morpheus, a VR headset for the PS4. The headset will sport a 1080p display with head tracking. It could open multiplayer gaming possibilities as well because the console could display different things on the TV display.

Yet, we don’t have a price, a release date or a game lineup. Sony should clear things up at E3. And maybe E3 attendees will even be able to try out this mysterious VR headset.