A Day In The Life Of The ERA Accelerator

As a post-demo day celebration, we’ve decided to start with ERA to launch our “Day In The Life” series, where we visit NY-based accelerators, incubators, and even a few VC firms to make sure that you, as a young first-time founder in the big city, have a resource when you’re looking for the best place to grow your company.

The video above goes through a full tour of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and includes interviews with the three partners, Murat Aktihanoglu, Jonathan Axelrod, and Charles Kemper.

We learned that ERA offers access to 250 mentors as well as lots of hands-on time with the partners, and that the accelerator is staffed to help companies with any problem, whether it’s legal, product, investment, business development, or marketing.

The program receives more than a thousand applications for each class, and then narrows that down to ten companies through a series of interviews. For ERA acceptance, the priorities are team first, then that they’re entering an interesting market, and finally, their business model in that market.

“We think that if you put the right team in an interesting market, they’ll almost always come up with a cool business model,” said Jon Axelrod.

Once teams are selected, they get four months in the program before demo day.