Beantown Rocked Our Socks At The TechCrunch Boston Meetup

Last week we headed up to Boston to see what the local startup scene had to offer, and the founders, VCs, and technophiles we met did not disappoint.

The city best known for its universities, tea parties, and sports teams is also a hotbed of tech startups, as evidenced by the crowd of over 700 people that showed up to our event at The Estate nightclub on Wednesday night. Fifteen companies pitched onstage, judged by our editors and a handful of Boston VCs, with the location-based messaging app Drop nabbing first prize. The possibilities for using Drop — which lets you leave a message in a particular location for someone else to happen upon later — are charming, weird, and basically endless, as the TC team discovered over the course of the next day.

Boston, we’ll be back. In the meantime, check out the highlights of the festivities.