AppDynamics Adds New Way To Fix Application Problems Without Having To Do It Manually

AppDynamics has added a new capability to solve application issues without manual intervention.

With the new “Application Run Book Automation” offering, the customer pre-defines the conditions for the service to execute. For example, the user could indicate that if the server’s performance drops below a certain level, a “restart” will automatically occur. Notifications are via email or text.

The service can be set to automatically fix the following:

  • Application Run Book Automation can be set to:
  • Initiate a thread dump
  • Restart a server
  • Execute scripts from Chef or Puppet
  • Run existing run books or scripts
  • Create an incident/ticket in service management consoles such as Jira or ServiceNow
  • Trigger PagerDuty workflows

According to AppDynamics, Application Run Book Automation unifies monitoring and management. It provides a way for operations and development teams to resolve problems. For example, issues such as thread dumps can be triggered automatically based on a series of pre-set conditions.

AppDynamics is in the increasingly competitive application performance management space where analytics is a core differentiator. AppDynamics uses byte-code instrumentation to map the topology of an application. This draws a “map” of the application that adjusts automatically with each code release. The effect is to eliminate the “black box” nature of an application and let the user see all dependencies and identify problems quickly.

New Relic uses analytics for its APM service and is expected to extend its capabilities as this sector of the development tool market gets increasingly competitive.