Asus Teases Its MWC Padfone Plans With Potentially Sacrilegious Viral Video

Something there is that doesn’t love a viral video.

To wit: we present Asus’ baffling Spanish MWC teaser which involves a giant metal dildo landing on the Sagrada Família, Barcelona’s beloved Gaudi masterwork. The voiceover, performed by someone with the earnest excitement of a cocaine addict in a Fanta commercial, muses at the weather. Then we hear: “Wait, is that a metallic object flying across the sky?”

Then it smashes the cathedral.

It is all very art-school-students-commissioned-by-major-corporation-to-make-a-viral-video-with-little-oversight and it’s pretty dreadful.

What can we learn from this video? Well, since we know that all viral videos are ultimately disappointing, we can assume that whatever Asus has in store it will not be as cool as a gigantic flying church-phallus and will, instead, probably be a phone made out of metal. To that end, when we eventually see the big reveal at MWC next week, we can be sure to expect any number of references to this video in Asus’ presentation and/or a big stage event featuring metallic pindis of outrageous proportion.

In the end, unlike the people watching a space dick destroy a holy site, we will find ourselves left wanting. That, sadly, is where Asus failed in their exploration of the language of marketing and where we, the poor viewer, are left without comfort or solace.