Vagrant Founder Launches Hashicorp To Support His Open Source Developer Management Tool

The Vagrant open-source project has morphed into a startup, backed by Hashicorp, a new company that will further build out the tool designed to manage the complexities of modern development within a virtual environment.

Hashicorp’s founder, Mitchell Hashimoto, is the co-creator of Vagrant, which he has managed since 2010. He said in an interview the traction for Vagrant has been considerable, leading him to form a company around the open source project. The New York Times, BBC,  Yammer, Expedia and Living Social all use the tool. Vagrant will remain an open-source project, free to developers.

Hashicorp will initially offer downloadable add-ons to the software for enterprise customers. In an interview, Hashimoto said he will invest in strengthening Vagrant’s documentation. He will then add support for VMware . Currently, Vagrant supports Oracle’s Virtual Box.

The cost savings for users comes with the automation, as Vagrant can have them set up in an hour instead of a day or more.

The inspiration for the service came in 2010 when Hashimoto found himself spending time every six weeks re-installing software that bad been upgraded to a new version. He used that experience to begin automating the manual steps required to get up and running in a virtual environment.

Projects with conflicting dependencies can each get their own sandbox — keeping a developer’s workstation free of the hacks needed for multiple versions of software to coexist. With Vagrant, operations engineers do not need a different local setup from production. They can experiment and test their configuration management changes before going live.