Diaper Deals: Huggies Maker Says SocialTwist Campaign Saw Highest Digital Engagement Rates Ever

Personal care company Kimberly-Clark is ready to share some of the results it’s seeing from a campaign for its Huggies diapers that it ran with social marketing company SocialTwist. According to Dan Kersten, who leads shopper marketing at Kimberly-Clark, the campaign resulted in the company’s highest digital engagement rates ever.

The program focused on moms, presenting them with offers on the Huggies website, Facebook, email, and elsewhere. (You can view a sample offer here.) The offers had a clickthrough rate of 56 percent and an email open rate of 55 percent. They drove 630,000 visitors to the Huggies website and resulted in increased awareness among an estimated 3.5 million consumers.

Kersten told me that the results are a sign that “social sharing is one of the next big waves coming through the industry,” and that the only real “speed bump” that Kimberly-Clark faced was having to increase inventory due to high demand for the offers. The company is looking to expand its marketing efforts with SocialTwist beyond Huggies, he added.

The campaign ran from March 24 to May 25 of last year. (So why are the companies only talking about the results now? Uh, good question.)